Cord blood cells medical paralysis seen dawn 2011 on 21, 2004 (4) Hong Kong Oriental daily reported spinal cord injury caused paralysed patients will now rehabilitation dawn. The Chinese university of Hong Kong university, and with China's spinal cord injury, hand in hand with global study group first cord blood cells intramedullary transplant clinical treatment, is now seven spinal cord injury patients receiing treatment, are recruiting more patient participation. A lower body paralysis 10 years of patients receiving this after treatment, unconscious body part appeared after the stimulus was not sustained response, but still need to accept long-term observations and assessments, just can determine the results. According to hygiene department in 2000 material, Hong Kong 452 name a spinal cord injury. Research team plans to recruit 20 paralyzed patients receiving treatment, the purpose is to evaluate the feasibility of the safety of the operation and last November, has so far for seven patients undergo surgery, patients will be observed after a year to assess the safety and effect of treatment. Postoperative paralyzed parts have the intermittent reaction China spinal cord injury SuGuoHui joint chairman j, the board of directors by gen make explanation, spinal nerve fibers and cell damage, damage location is chipped, treatment, is to penetrate matching umbilical cord blood individual nucleus cell to a gap, stimulate spinal cord growth, bridge accept cutting position. He said, contained in umbilical cord blood stem cells, bone marrow more than in many study has confirmed that can promote the spinal cord injury recovery or improve functions. Animals Hong Kong LiangJiaJie, assistant professor of department of surgery, says twenty patients are divided into groups of five, inject different doses of umbilical cord blood mononuclear cells, evaluate effectiveness and safety. He says one of the lower half paralyzed patients underwent surgery for more than ten years, two months, paralysis, part of the extra stimulation have unsustainable, but the intermittent reaction with temporary not sure about whether still need to accept operation more long-term observation. SuGuoHui says, the team is planning the next issue of 400 patients, for more data analysis research. 30 years of 18 years ago ZhuangTao in traffic accident cause paralysis, strapping on a wheelchair since, he learned that went after two college recruiting patients without considering will participate, "always sat one." then years wheelchair He February receied umbilical cord blood cells intramedullary transplant, without any adverse reactions, temporarily say nice things to me, "this time is a hope, no thought of ever do well discretion transgressions have improved, good, hope already happy. Comments 30%,"