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    i am 19 years old and I have been injured for 9 months now, t5. im having a lot of trouble with bladder infections. im doing everything i feel that i can to stay clean. Im cleaning my hands and as my nurses use to call it "the area" lol. but i still keep getting infection after infection. im afraid of building a tolerance to antibiotics and i dont know what else to do. any help is welcome!

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    What method of bladder management are you using? Intermittent cath? Indwelling?

    When you say infection, do you mean positive cultures but without symptoms (colonization) or do you mean a true infection (fever, chills, AD, flank pain, severe malaise, etc.)?

    If you are doing IC, how often? What bladder meds are you taking? With what amount of urine emptied each time? Have you had urodynamics? What is your PdetMax? Have you been checked for possible stones? Prostate infection? What is your urologist saying about this?


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    I use IC every 5 hours, the samples usually come back possitive, my symptoms are sever spasms, accidents, and can tell when it is cloudy and rank odor. Ususally 300 cc when normal but as little as 150 cc after 6 hours when I have an infection

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    I usually get these kinds of infections like every month or so I've never done any of those tests

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    I would suggest that you have you doctor run a culture before and after treatment. It sounds as if the bacteria are not being totally killed off and coming back when the meds are finished. You may need a different med or a longer course. A real risk here is that the bacteria may become resistant to the meds and then you are in real trouble.--eak

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    You need urodynamics now, and should have them repeated every 1-2 years. You should have annual tests for stones (usually a KUB or kidney/ureter/bladder Xray or ultrasound). Your urologist should be done at least an annual prostate exam, and if there is suspicion of a prostate infection, ultrasound, a PSA, and a manual exam (or even a biopsy) may be indicated.

    How many times do you cath daily? 4 hours is best, 6 hours is starting to push it.

    How much fluid do you drink daily? What are you drinking? Caffeine and alcohol can make your bladder more irritable and more likely to spasm.

    UTI symptoms in people with SCI are flank pain, chills, fever, severe malaise, AD, significant increase in leakage, and elevated blood WBC.

    Cloudy urine, smelly urine, etc. are signs, and may only be indications of colonization, which generally should NOT be treated in those with SCI unless there are symptoms (as above) of a true UTI.


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    Hey, KLD, that's exactly what I'm going thru right now. Flank pain, reduced urine, cloudy, but then i have been for a couple a months. Went and got tested, dr referred me to a urologist, phone appmt, next tues. Gawd I'm so donw with this UI crapola, it just never ends.

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    I know this thread is older but I had constant Uti's for the first 8 months I came home after my injury 3 years ago. I would take an antibiotic, it would go away, and then within a week or two it would come back. I was very clean, used cath packs so I never touched the cath or lube, and drank tons of cranberry juice, but nothing worked. Finally I saw a new urologist who put me on Methenamine tablets, 1 gram, twice a day. It is an antibacterial which makes the environment in the bladder toxic to the bacteria that cause Utis, or so I was told. From that point on, over 2 years now, I have only had 1 uti, and it went away quickly after taking Cipro. I take 1 pill in the AM and 1 before bed.

    For me it was a godsend. If you are still having problems with utis maybe you could consider trying it. I have not had any side effects from taking it, and I don't think it really causes any side effects in general. A friend of mine had been having bad issues with chronic uti's as well for a long time. I know she has been taking it for a while now and from what I understand it helped her as well.

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