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    I am looking for a lawn tractor.Does anyone have a lawn tractor suitable for a para. Like a sears,john deere,cub cadet.I was a general contractor before my accident and find it very difficult to find people to work in and around my house

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    illinois, and no, chicago is not anywhere near where i live
    i use a zero turn mower, made a seat on the side to get on and swing my legs around and then lift into seat. could also just slide up the front.
    before that i had a 80's cub cadet lawn tractor, those had the hydro lever on the steering column, no legs needed to operate that, just sit on fender and lift into seat. i got rid of it because it was too big for my yard.

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    I think you might like the access on the zero turn mowers as well. I got on mine in the front, where there were few obstructions. I don't know how big your yard is or if you live in the country but I would always check for yellow jacket nests before you mow. They can fly up 8 mph and will chase you up to 400 yards. I bought a zero turn that goes 10 mph.

    Also wear a seat belt just in case you roll it.

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    We have a Husquvarna that works fair for quad C7/8, but needs use of his left leg better for the clutch. He does very well with a Toro, zero turn we got last year at Home Depot. Getting on and off can be a challenge, but he's got it down pat now.
    We had him go look at and try several different mowers out to see which would be best for him.

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    i have a toro zero turn works great
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    +1 on the Zero Turn --- just give yourself time to learn the technique of driving one especially if you have hills and berms... can't do what you used to on a rwd tractor ---

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