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Thread: Any Suggestions

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    Any Suggestions

    I am an L-1 incompleat. I have many muscles working but very weak. When I go in the water, I can move everything I can think of-at least a minute amount. I have been thinking of going to Cell Therapy Clinic 'EmCell' in Keiv, Ukraine to get some shots of ESC. Is this a good idea? Does anyone know of some experiences simular to this? Would it be better to to to Taiwan to get some booster shots. Of course I want to do something as soon as possible, but I also want to make the best of it. Does anyone have some advice I could use. Thanks for your help, Chastev

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    Save your money for the real thing.

    In order to try something now you can get started with 4-AP. Search on "4-AP" to learn more. As an incomplete you are probably a good candidate.

    If it works, then remyelination could benefit you. My advice, however, is to wait for better therapies. The real thing is getting closer. The Myelin Project is going to trial with their therapy. And OEG regenerative therapies are getting closer all the time.

    Try 4-AP and hang in there. That's my advice.

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