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Thread: Surgery in the morning

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    Thank-you everyone!
    We did not leave the hospital til after 6:00. Everyone was so kind to us, but a very long day.
    The doctor said everything went great and that all the staff told him what a nice man Dave is for everything he has been through.
    The scary part was that at 4 his bp suddenly went high and he had red blotches on his chest. The anesthesiologist in the room did not speak English well and tried telling us only bowel and bladder caused AD! After some repositioning it settled down.
    Then the lift would not fit under the bed they brought him back in and was not compatable with our sling. Thankfully we had his best aide along and she saved the day.

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    Glad to hear you and Dave are finally home. We have been worried about you. I may sound racist and don't really care but I think anyone providing any level of medical care needs to be able to communicate with the patient. We had an MRI tech that was the same way could not understand a think he said.

    Again, glad you are home and Dave is doing well. Hopefully, you will both be able to get some rest tonight.--eak

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    So glad to hear the update. I have been thinking of you both all day.

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    Linda, it is such a relief to know that you and Dave are home and that ultimately everything went's wonderful that your best aide was with you. I hope and pray that Dave will have a completely uneventful recovery and that the objective of the surgery will be fully realized. Blessings to you both!

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    Thank you for your update after this very long, arduous day for you and Dave. NL and I hope Dave is resting comfortably at home.
    We wish you and Dave a very peaceful Easter weekend.

    All the best,
    GJ and NL

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    Glad things went well. Love to hear when great strides are made.

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    Great news~ sleep well, its been a rough day!

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    So good to read your update Linda. Not so good to read about the AD, but I'm glad it got sorted.

    Now hopefully you can both rest at home!

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    Great to hear!!!!!!

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