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Thread: Crossbows and gimpy hands

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    Crossbows and gimpy hands

    I want to get a crossbow and im just curious how quads draw it back? And no,im not really interested in spending a $1000 on some fancy hi tech contrapsion! Im a low tech kind of guy

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    There are a few products out there for a self cocking crossbow.

    Also try check out ACUdraw

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    I bought a cheap 175lb pull crossbow made by "Jaguar". My dad will be cocking it for now, but I think I can design a wench type cocking device to make it easier. If I win the lotto, I'll buy that self-cocking crossbow that just came out.

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    Yeah you're right they are spendy. ACUdraw is probably the way to go. Or your dad, or brother in my case.

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    im like the other guys i get somebody too draw mine...ive owned horton,excaliber and parker i love the parker

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    In reality, the chances of getting another shot quickly are slim to none.

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    your right iceman if you miss they haul ass

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    no doubt! i rarely get a second shot even with my rifle. although i usually dont need one.

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    We bought a Tenpoint with Acudraw on ebay. Works like a dream. You can actually use a battery powered screwdriver to draw it back.

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    Shaun, how are you my friend? I use a Tenpoint with accu-draw also. When I decided to try bowhunting back in 96-97 they had just come out with the accudraw and it was the only way to go as I was hunting the majority of the time by myself. If I'm hunting I didn't want to depend on someone else to be there to cock it for the 1st shot or a 2nd shot if I had one.
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