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Thread: Mother's Day is coming.

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    Lost my mother at age 24. Am now 38.

    Can't even get to her grave as it's found at gravel crossroads in the middle of nowhere with no sidewalks on the far side of a very small cemetery. One of my small front wheels fell into a hole at a relatives' funeral so I'd hate to get stuck out there by myself! (Botany Cemetery - probably can't even find it on google!) It's surrounded by fields. There's enough room for me. lol

    I dealt with it okay until David left 2yrs ago .. then I wished I really had my mom around for advice. Not meant to be though. Happy Mother's Day mom wherever you are!
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    i have my mother and i talk to her 3-4 times a week at least, even if its for just to say hey and whats up and to see how its going, it keeps me sane and grounded, we eat lunch together every 2 weeks which is not enough but she lives about 45 miles away, lost my dad to cancer in 06 and growing up even though we didnt see eye to eye on most things, he was an artist and i became what he was and i miss him more than i ever thought i would, its a struggle sometimes to get thru a day that i'm not sad from his passing, its a shame we don't miss what we have until it's gone....i know that may seem kinda of wimpy from a man, but i think its one of the most precious things we can have are loving parents, in todays world there are less and less good parents to teach us the right values.....everyone should thank God everyday for their mothers and the ones that have lost their's prematurely should still keep their memories close to their heart......God bless our mothers and fathers...........

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    I am sorry for those of you who have lost your mother. Reading some of these posts is making me reevaluate the time I spend with mine.

    Both my mother and wife are getting a gold accented rose like this, but I'm looking for something else to go along with it.

    One of them is from my daughter to my wife obviously, but I still need to take her to a store yet or see what she wants to make her mother or grandmother. At seven years old they come up with all kinds of ideas.

    For my wife's birthday last year our daughter thought the coolest thing to get her at the mall was… Hermit crabs! They were being sold at a mall kiosk. I tried steering here to a number of other stores nearby that had lotions, perfumes and other feminine gifts, but nope she insisted mommy would love a couple hermit crabs.
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    Having a nice dinner with the kids.
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    Giving my mom a day off. Since I was injured while still a teenager, and her being my caregiver at first and still somewhat. I'm arranging for a cousin to check on me and telling her just go do whatever you want and don't worry about me.

    She's an angel. Gave up a good 2 years helping me deal with my injury and adjust with life. Thank god for my mother

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