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Thread: Swearing really is a powerful painkiller

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    Swearing really is a powerful painkiller

    #@*!%# Swearing really is a powerful painkiller, study shows.

    I just read this ,does it work for you?

    Next time you stub your toe, go ahead and let those four-letter words fly. Cursing actually does help dull our perception of pain, new research suggests.
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    I have to agree. It works for me. I try to only do it when no one else is around because while it is healing, it also makes you look like an ass who can't handle life very well..hehehe.
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    Agree with both of you ..... I have a few choice words that are only used when I am really hurting, but have to be careful who is around.
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    I felt so validated when I heard that on the news today. When I told my cousin how I swore when stubbing my toe on the hospital bed wheel lock she said (church lady voice) "and does it help?" and I told her it did.

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    If cursing really helped I would never be in pain. I curse even in my thoughts. Maybe the overuse has produced a duling effect.

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    I enjoy swearing just to color my language, as well as my delivery of jokes and insults.

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    I curse all the time Try not to in public at all or with people i don't know or elders etc. Geez with all the cursing i've done over the years, I should be feeling like a hundred bucks at least, lol.. overkill maybe

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    I still remember my favorite English teacher (who I had a severe crush on) and the attempt to drum it through our little heads that swearing was only the sign of a limited vocabulary and should be avoided at all costs. Yeah, so much for that.........when frustrated I let them fly, although usually only my cats have to hear the string of profanity.

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    Swearing kicks ass! I don't care who you are!!!

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    it is a release. just last night pain was so bad, i screamed, cried, don't think i even cursed. just verbalized. it didn't ease pain but gave a voice to it, an outlet. i was up all night, but it does help to vocalize.

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