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    what to do

    I have a friend who broke back in december 2010. sledging of all things. anyway i guess he was lucky with his break. His lower two vertebra and hip were split vertically. So he was able to be pinned back together.

    He is a very driven guy and we all expected him to recover quickly. But he is already back on his feet and driving. He is hiding his mobility from his family but his friends are worried he is over pushing his recovery.

    He is also looking to come back to work already. I should also say he works for me too as a technician for a printing company. The work is mainly sitting down fiddling with software. But as his friend and boss what can I do or say?

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    I assume you have a personnel policy in your HR department that addresses return to work after an extended medical absence?? If not, you should. Most companies have something like this, and it requires a written letter from the physician releasing the person for either 1) limited duty (with those limits very specifically noted) or 2) full duty without limitations. If his physician has provided this, then he probably should be back at work as soon as you can accommodate him.


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    We do have personnel policies in place. Legally there is no issue but im worked for him on a personal level. I understand his desire to get back to work and back on his feet so to speak.

    Although I honestly don't know how long he will clinically be prohibited from returning to work. I assume for his kinda of injury there is a minimum recovery period or at least it is measured by the recovery of the individual and he cant be onsite till his doctor has given written consent.

    I would feel terrible if he pushed himself to work and got injured there.

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