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Thread: Possible Causes of Bone Pain That's Spreading?

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    Possible Causes of Bone Pain That's Spreading?

    A big hey to all my old friends here in the Pain Forum, and hello to the new folks who've come on board during my hiatus!

    It's been a few months shy of a year since I decided to take some time away from CC. I really, really hoped that I wouldn't see so many familiar names and stories because my long-suffering peeps had finally found some relief. ~sighs deeply~ It breaks my heart that it's just the opposite: different year, worse pain.

    That, in fact, is what brings me back. In the last year, I developed really severe bone pain in my right hip. When it started, it was only present when direct pressure was applied to the hip, e.g. when I laid on a specific spot on my right side. It felt like the bone was bruised, something I experienced in my other hip 30 years ago when I fell out of a loft bed onto a cement floor. Since I had banged that spot multiple times, I assumed it was just deep bruising and would heal over time as long as no more trauma occurred.

    It's now six months later, and the pain is getting worse and has spread to other bones in that area, including my right ischium and the back of my pelvis on the right side. The pain has become almost constant in original location. The new pain is only triggered by any pressure at all -- even rubbing lotion on my right butt cheek sets the ischium off. As you can imagine, sitting in my chair is excruciating.

    The narcotic pain meds I take to help manage my central and other nociceptive pain (80mg of Oxycontin every 12 hours, 30 mg of oxycodone every 4-6 hours) don't do a thing to relieve the bone pain.

    I've finally admitted that this isn't going to get better on its own and will be having the affected areas x-rayed later this week.

    Any ideas? Does anyone know what osteonecrosis feels like and if it might spread throughout an area of the body?

    I'm both stumped about what's causing this pain, and really scared that whatever it is might require surgery to treat (something I cannot imagine putting myself through) or worse, that there is nothing that can be done and I'll have to live with this on top of all the other pain I have to deal with -- the pins/needles/thumbtacks/stabbed with butcher knives and knitting needles/electrical shock central pain, my permanently dislocated right shoulder, my rapidly deteriorating and increasing painful overused left shoulder, and the hyperalgesia and allodynia in my right leg and foot.

    Thanks for letting me whine! I'd forgotten how therapeutic it is to be able to talk honestly about this to people who won't roll their eyes because they think I'm exaggerating or dismiss me as a drug seeker!
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    Hi hipcrip, glad you're back from your hiatus, but sorry for the reason! might be a good idea to see the doctor and maybe have a bone scan, MRI and/or x-rays. I think it would be really hard to say what's causing this level of pain without some imaging studies. Fingers crossed that something can be found to help!

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    Hipcrip, I have missed you. But I am sorry I don't know an answer, I just wanted to say hello And I cross my fingers too and my legs that it is nothing serious.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    Welcome back to the Care Cure Community "thehipcrip,"
    I agree with Bonnette that you may want to get a PET or MRI scan. I get yearly PET scans to monitor non-Hodgkins lymphoma which has been in remission for 5 years. These scans have found avascular necrosis (AVN) in both of my hips (found a couple of years ago) and now AVN found in my right shoulder. AVNs for me translate into a great deal of pain. There are of course other reasons for the type of pain you describe, but scans are by far the best way to find out what is going on with your musculoskeletal system.

    All the best,

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    I had similar pain for years, but not as bad, that turned out to be trocanter bursitis...apparently common in SCI due to side lying....a few steroid injections to the bursa have helped tremendously. Something to ask about, as it won't show on Xray.... I hope it is something like that.

    It is nice to see you here again.
    Emily, C-8 sensory incomplete mom to a 8 year old and a preschooler. TEN! years post.

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    No answers but have held you close in my thoughts and prayers. I post much less and continue to deteriorate as well. Guess this is how it will be.

    hope you find some answers and that they are positive. Did you relocate? know you thought about it.



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    Penny! so good to hear from you...wish I could help somehow but an area I still don't understand...sooo glad you are back, many have missed you! hugs, judy

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    How nice to see a post from you, THC despite the circumstances. All bets are off till you get an MRI and/or bone scan. Are you scheduled to get these and have someone smart evaluate them?

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    Hey good to see you!!! So sad you are still in Pain!

    My left hip has given me pain since 2004. I went to shepherd Center and they did an injection into the joint. Then they did Osteopathic Manipulation.

    Apparently there is something to alignment of the body.

    There are not many places that specialize in this kind of treatment. Some will tell you "yes" and they really don't. I don't like to take loads of medicines if I don't have to.
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    I would suggest trying the alignment (as suggested) and looking up trigger points. Personally I have them everywhere.
    Once you know where to press you can relieve some of the pain. I also did some trigger point injections into those areas (cortisone/lidocaine) and those seem to help also. They use ultrasound and a very thin needle, almost no pain at all

    Hope that helps!

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