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Thread: New here 22yo male, t10 incomplete since dec 26th 2010

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    New here 22yo male, t10 incomplete since dec 26th 2010

    Hi everyone! just discovered this site and thought i would post. my injury is new and im scared and have some questions and concerns.

    about 3 months ago, the end of december i was shot. a very small beebee entered my spine around t10. its still there, but did not enter the spinal cord. i have feeling everywhere below my injury, but not a complete feeling. i cannot feel hot or cold temperatures. i have more feeling on the left leg then the right leg. i have almost full control over my left leg, though it is very weak. my right leg seems to be not improving as much tho, the main problem is that when i try to bend the knee up, my whole leg just gets really stiff and wont let me bend it.

    about 3 weeks ago i tried to see if i could stand in a walker. i could bear weight on my left leg! now i am able to stand and take steps on my left leg and bear weight on the right leg, but i still cannot bend the knee to take a step, and the foot drags. at home i practice walking about 5 times a day, about 60 feet before i have to sit. its just very frustrating with the right leg not cooperating!

    so my questions and concerns would be: will my right leg improve or has too much time passed by and i wont be able to bend my knee ever? will my bladder and bowel function return soon? i can feel when i need to pee but i can only hold it in for about 30 seconds. cant control bladder yet. i do not feel any pleasureable sensations in my private area, only painful spasms in my lower stomach instead(is that normal?) so just wondering if any of you have gone through this and can help me out. thank you so much! :]
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    Hi...I'm a T-10 complete. I can't answer your questions but wanted to welcome you to the site. There is lots of information here and I'm sure someone will be along soon that has the right answer for you.
    DFW TEXAS- T-10 since March 20th, 1994

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    illinois, and no, chicago is not anywhere near where i live
    best thing you can do is keep trying, 3 months isn't very long. hard work and patience is what takes. bowel and bladder programs can take a while to figure out and sometimes the mental thing is the hard part to get past. plus if you are still on meds, those will screw with program. @3 months i would think you would be getting weened off meds.

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    the only meds i am on right now are vicodin for my back pain. neurontin for nerve pain, and oxybutynin for my bladder. i have weened off all the rest so far! :]

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    The only thing I can say is that you are better than me after so short time and I walked out of the rehab after 8 month. But we are all different so I can't promise you anything. But it is a lot of walkers here too.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    Hi Josh 017. It's still early days in your rehab, and sounds like you're making good progress. Best wishes, and welcome to the forum.

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    Hi Josh...

    You are still really early in your recovery. You can get return up to three years and still make progress years beyond that. I did and that was 22 years ago.

    Work hard, do your exercises, and don't give up hope. It is a long process and retraining takes a long time.

    You can do it.

    It took a year for my bowel and bladder to return to where I had some control over it. You probably still have swelling and trauma there too.

    Good luck and keep asking questions.
    T12-L2; Burst fracture L1: Incomplete walking with AFO's and cane since 1989

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    Welcome here!

    Are you still getting outpatient PT? Have you worked on walking with a good therapist?

    Is your range of motion in your knee good when you do your daily stretching/ROM exercises, or are you loosing range?

    Are you wearing a brace for your knee or ankle?

    What does you physiatrist say about your spasticity?

    Are you standing daily for at least an hour?

    Where did you do your rehab? What part of the country are you in? Do you have decent health insurance?

    The earlier you get return, the more likely it is that some return will continue, but no one can predict accurately how much. Only time will tell. Meanwhile, it is important to continue with therapy so that you can maximize function with what does come back, and not do yourself any harm or develop preventable complications (such as skin breakdown or contractures).

    Are you working with a good urologist on your bladder management? How is your bowel function?

    You may want to spend some time reading past posts on our Sexuality and Relationships forum for more information on sexual functioning. Did you not get any counseling or education about this when you were in rehab? There are some good articles and resources at the top of the page on that forum that I can recommend as well.

    Please come back and keep asking questions. We will help with what we can.

    (PS: I changed the date on your post to December 2010, not 2011 as that is in the future!).


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    Oops! messed up on the date haha thanks for catching that! and as for therapy, i live in arizona and have the very minimum insurance. i only get 1 hour a week, and i have only 2 weeks of therapy remaining at home i am getting stretches and doing excercises with the help of family memebers and friends. i have a walker at home, i stand and walk with it about 2 hours total each day, im really trying to give it my all.

    i do not wear any braces. i have full range of motion in my knee when someone moves it around. it bends up just fine when someone else does it, but when i try to initiate the movement myself, my leg just stiffens and locks up. and i have been refered to a urologist, hopefully meet with one in the next week or so. and i will check out the forum you suggested for more info. Thank you so much! :]

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