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Thread: Raw Food Waldorf Salad

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    Raw Food Waldorf Salad

    We got a book on raw food and have been trying some recipes- they are amazingly good. Would have been eating raw food years ago if I know it tasted this good!

    Here's the Waldorf salad variation:

    Salad Ingredients:
    2 petite cubed green apples
    2/3c walnut pieces
    2/3c chopped celery
    1tbsp lemon juice
    1/3 c dried cranberries (optional)

    "Mayo" dressing:
    2-3tbsp Olive oil
    1/3c water
    2/3c raw pine nuts
    1-2tsp coconut oil
    3tsp coconut nectar.

    Mix salad ingredients in bowl and set aside. Place 'Mayo' ingredients into blender and mix till smooth, some small lumps acceptable. Pour 'mayo' onto salad- enjoy!

    Makes 3-4 servings and it's filling as all get out. VERY good stuff.

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    Hi BlueRing, what's the book's title?

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