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Thread: Physician dad imports walking machine to help paralyzed son

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    Physician dad imports walking machine to help paralyzed son

    Physician dad imports walking machine to help paralyzed son

    By Richard Watts, Postmedia News April 17, 2011
    VICTORIA — The devotion of a father whose son was paralyzed playing rugby has resulted in Victoria becoming home to cutting-edge technology for rehabilitation therapy.

    Dr. Melvin de Levie quickly grew frustrated with what he saw as second-rate therapy in Vancouver, where he works as a pediatrician. Equipment was old and there seemed little treatment for patients as profoundly disabled as his son Adam, now 22, who has been paralyzed from the waist down since his accident in February 2008.

    "What's happened in Vancouver and Canada, we are satisfied with mediocrity," said the elder de Levie. "It's not enough. As a parent, it isn't enough to be satisfied."

    He spent $250,000 of his own money on a therapeutic machine called a Lokomat, and had it imported from Switzerland. It has been set up in a clinic in Victoria where Adam now lives and works.

    It is one of only three in B.C. One is at a clinic in Vancouver and the other is at University of B.C., where it is available only for research.

    De Levie has made his Lokomat available for physiotherapists to treat the public. The only condition he has set is that his son is given regular sessions.

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    waste of money...
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    Great, If you're an incomplete injury..
    Donnie: Dr. Xiao, What are your thoughts on a cure/combination therapy for SCI's??
    CG Xiao: Donnie, I don't want to disappoint you, but I think it is impossible to restore the continuity of the cord or "bridge the gap" in the near future, let's say: 50 years. Dr Wise Young has been my most respected scientist in SCI. He has dedicated and contributed to SCI no other can match.

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    Should have taken that money and donated it to finding a cure.

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