how can they tell if the person will recover or not? Does it show on the exrays?

Johnathan Taylor is ‘strengthening’ after spinal injury: Spinal cord is ‘bruised,’ not severed
April 15, 2011 by ROBBIE OTTLEY
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ATLANTA — Junior outfielder Johnathan Taylor has “made a great deal of progress” at the Shepherd Center.

Taylor, who suffered a neck injury in March during a game against Florida State, regained feeling in his upper extremities, though he remains paralyzed from the waist down, said Dr. Donald Peck Leslie, the medical director at the Shepherd Center.

“His complications have been few. He is strengthening,” Leslie said. “I think you’ll see in the future that his prognosis is very good.”

Leslie and Dr. Kimberly Walpert, who led Taylor’s surgery in Athens after the injury, discussed Taylor’s injury in depth at a news conference Thursday.

Taylor’s fractures were on the fifth and sixth of the neck’s seven bones, and his spinal cord was damaged, but not irrevocably.

Walpert distinguished between a bruise of the spinal cord, which Taylor experienced, and a severing of the cord.

“[The spinal cord] is bruised, and that’s where the potential for recovery comes,” Walpert said. “The goal is to get the bones off the spinal cord, keep that stable and then the really important part of recovery begins as the spinal cord heals.”