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Thread: c5 incomplete

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    It does not sound like he is in a really specialty SCI center for rehab. How many other people with SCI are there with him? This concerns me.

    If he is voiding on his own, with control, that is great, but what is his residual? Has he had urodynamics done to be sure that he does not have high pressures? Has he seen a good neurologic urologist?

    What is being done for his bowel care other than just laxatives and other medications? Is he having accidents? Is he constipated?

    Did they Xray his leg after the injury?


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    He is voiding on his own-- Medical college of GA saw him b4 he started voiding by himself and said to give it more time and they will see him again on 6/15/11. He is on Flomax. They had him at 4 and when he started voiding reduced it to 2. IDK what his residual is (what does this mean?)nor pressure? I remember rehab hospital throwing those terms around and I think they were ok with those results but I will check again. Last night was bowel night and b4 I gave suppository he said he had to go. Should I have had him try b4 using suppository? Well I tried to give sup but stool was already there so I think he went on his own. This is all so hard. He has been home two weeks and I am exhausted. I also work full time. My mother in law is with him while I work.

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    Your husband's injury is fairly recent in terms of SCI recovery. It sounds as if he has a good start.

    I was injured 9 months ago and have worked up to walking with a cane. It has been very difficult to transition from a wheelchair through the various walking devices, but certainly was possible in my case.

    If your husband can stand in a walker and ride an exercise bike, he's already got motor skills going for him. He will have to work hard to strengthen his muscles and improve balance and coordination. It can take a long time but don't give up. Each day, keep track of his exercises and have him write a paragraph about how he feels. That way, you'll be able to see incremental improvements in his stamina and strength. Look back at the log every few weeks and compare where he is to where he was then. Since recovery can be lengthy, this will help you both to feel motivated and encouraged.

    Also, have him continue to test bladder and bowel recovery. Sometimes you won't know if muscles have recovered enough to be able to 'go' unless you try. Physical therapy can help with recommending pelvic exercises he can do once he has a glimmer of function return.

    Yes...swelling in ankles. I have this problem, too, and have been told that it is likely to continue for a while. I wear shoes a size-and-a-half larger than normal to accommodate any ankle and foot swelling during the day. Boots can help at night with drop foot but also have him continue to test ankle function. Once his ankle can begin to bring his foot up, you have a start. Work with it. I've now worked my way out of the boots and AFOs that I used to have to wear.

    Every injury and every recovery is different and these are just suggestions that I found helpful. I guess the main thing is not to give up and to keep looking for small improvements which can give you more to work with.

    I wish you the best!

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    By all means skip the suppository if he says he needs to go. You can tell if he is emptying himself my the volume of stool that he passes. If it is within the norm for him, all is good. If the volume is significantly low, however, you will may to followup with the suppository. You may also try letting him wait until he feels the need to go (as long as he does not go more than three days without going. In other words, if he does not empty tonight, wait and see if he goes again tomorrow without stimulants. Also, unless he is constipated, he should not need to stimulate from both ends. If the suppository works, you may be able to wean off the laxatives. It sound like he is trying to listen to his body and this is great. Most hospitals insist that everyone go every day and he knows what was normal for him before his injury. His body may be trying to get back to that, let it. Since he is not as mobile as he used to be, he probably needs more fiber than he did before to keep things moving but this sure beats chemical stimulants.

    The best advice I can give you at this time is to try to get him to Shepherd in Atlanta if it is at all possible. They are the closest "model center" to you. They do not do general rehab, only SCI and brain injuries-and those are not together. They will not only help him get the most function, but will help him learn new ways of doing old things. One of the biggest things they can do for your family is to give you the training you need to properly care for him (where he needs assistance) and that will allow you to be considerably more relaxed. It sounds as if you are very stressed out. This is not only bad for you but it is probably putting additional stress on your husband and the rest of the family. You need to know when to worry and when to relax. Rehab is a journey, not a destination. I know it is hard. That's why I say that a good rehab center is critical.--eak

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    Welcome! I'm so glad your hubby is making progress & I hope it continues. I'm sure you'll both struggle through bad days & here is the place to vent, ask & learn. We have a variety of people that know just how it is & are willing to help.

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    As of 4/28 Dr. wrote in assessment that hubby is now presenting as c7-c8 incomplete with ASIA D. I tried to explain to him that this is a good thing but he doesn’t believe me. Now I am questioning this since the doctors never said anything J . Is this a good thing? . Right now he can walk with horseshoe walker with 1 person helping rather than 3 when he was in outpatient. Yesterday they started him on treadmill but his right knee isn’t that strong. What I keep reminding him is that prior to 2/17/2011 (date of sci) he hurt his knee in aug 2011 in car accident and then in sept while playing basketball. Today at outpatient they are FINALLY going to consider a knee brace. Are these braces expensive and are they helpful? I hope this helps him because he is getting so frustrated. His right hand is gradually getting better due to FES treatment. His left hand and left leg are functioning at 100%. Since he can stand independently we are able to transfer to commode/shower chair in shower and shower nightly. Some days if he feels week I will use gate belt to help him with standing. Only modifications we’ve made to home is ramp @ front door & wider door for bathroom. I’ve adapted to my new schedule although I am usually exhausted. I work 40 hrs a week and I am his primary care giver after work (family helps in the daytime). He still depends on me to assist with holding urinal. Since his hands are now functioning better do you think he could do it himself? Is it mean if I stop helping with this task?

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    If he has full use of one hand, he certainly should not need help with any toileting tasks. He can walk to the bathroom and stand at the toilet (do you have grab bars for that) or use a urinal by himself. He may need the OT where he is getting therapy to work with him on clothing management for this one-handed, but many men with SCI or stroke learn to do this all the time.


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    Hi Everyone -- My hubby is 10 months out and is walking with a cane! Insurance ran out but when plan year starts over in Jan he will get more OT. In the interim he works out daily at a local gym. He still gets frustrated because he only has gross motor skills in his right hand so he cant button, etc. Are their any gadgets out their that help with buttoning?

    I just want to thank all of you for the words of encouragement and advice that I received over the past 10months. I am buying hubby a lap top for Christmas so yall may get the opportunity to meet him them.

    I wish everyone a happy, funfilled & safe Holiday!

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    Just saw this thread...I'm also just over 10 mos out. I didn't start with the level of impairment your husband had. Walking q's are all over the board in function and what comes back when.

    Tell your hubby to get on the computer. I did cave in and buy dragon software to help with some of the many emails I had to keep up with. I found chat to be really helpful...finding and connecting with people is invaluable!

    There are buttoning tools at medical supply houses I think. I use pullovers, I tend to now button and zip with my left hand. I hadn't noticed that little changes in my life cropped up. I do more with my left hand than I did before, but I still do as much as I can with my right. It is important that he continues to work what is giving him issues. cooking (NOT CHOPPING...learned that the hard way) is really good for hand therapy. I am now chopping some, but not like I used to
    CCS/Walker's a long story

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    Quote Originally Posted by soukeynas View Post
    He still gets frustrated because he only has gross motor skills in his right hand so he cant button, etc. Are their any gadgets out their that help with buttoning?
    He should have been provided this in his initial OT, but there are a variety of different button hooks and zipper pull devices out there. Here are just a few:


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