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Thread: video: adjusting an Icon

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    Nice chair although is not for me, just wonder durability and reaction when you are seating and try to bend to the side to take things from the floor because all that seat is just fixed in a center thread tube.

    I hope in the finally chair the casters bearing housing will be welded to the front frame and not fixed with a clamp.

    but really innovator all that adjustaments,hope not became in noises with the time, now we only have to wait and see ....

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    Nice work Jeff & Christian!

    I don't like the two quick release levers on the length adjustment. Could it be a single small lever on the footrest part that affects both clamps simultaneously? Or a big kevlar nut in the center that turns the whole part in or out gradually like the back angle adjuster? Or if you keep the clips then spin the left one around so it opens on the inside and they need to open "up" so nothing can hook on them and flip them open.

    Do the hardtail seat height adjustments work similarly?

    The seat (and back) angle adjustments are pure genius!
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    @Pete - I can't think of anything we can do about the levers without adding a bunch of complexity to the mechanism - if you have an idea, please PM me.

    The hardtail works on the same seat tube principle....thanks for the kind words on the seat and back angle adjustments.

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    I need to start saving up....
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    Can the backrest be folded? It looks like it would be a non-folding design.

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    Where will one grab to transfer?
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    Quote Originally Posted by -scott- View Post
    Here's another teaser: a "pre-final" design of the Icon wheelchair being adjusted. This is just a rough model of whats being developed with some of the more unique adjustments being left out.
    WOW! I'm lovin' it. Adjustments seem easy and fast and - especially great - can be done with one hand. I'm hemiplegic so this matters a lot. Can't wait to see the more unique adjustments that can be made.
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    Quote Originally Posted by -scott- View Post
    I'll likely be driving from VA to CO mid/late August. If I have one by then & you're anywhere in south IL near I-64, we'll meet up.
    So uhm is North Texas to far out of the way?
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    illinois, and no, chicago is not anywhere near where i live
    Quote Originally Posted by TexasWheelz View Post
    So uhm is North Texas to far out of the way?
    heck, if your that close, you might as well drive to Crested Butte also, good times for all

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    Would so love to, but have a business to run here or I'd spend a couple of weeks up there. Until I can pay some one to do my part it's 7 days a week... but if anyone makes it down with that chair there are a couple of the best cupcakes in the world for em for free. Literally 5 minutes from the DFW airport so anyone ever has a layover in Dallas, come on over!
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