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Thread: Gall bladder stones

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    Gall bladder stones

    Are gallstones in gall bladder same as bladder stones? just recently discovered I had some small stones in it. My gastroenterologist suggested that I don't need to worry about it and not necessary to do any surgery, just let it be. As i mentioned to him that I cant feel anything below waist, will it be worse by the time something is terribly wrong and it is too late and he replied that I surely will feel something if anything happen related to my gallstones. Can I trust his words?

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    No, they are not the same. Urinary stones are in your bladder, ureters or kidney, and are made of different material than gall stones.

    Gall bladder stones are in the gall bladder, which is tucked up under your liver in the right upper quadrant of your abdomen (just under the ribs). It is very common for people with SCI to have gall stones. Most do not cause problem, but they do increase the risk for developing gall bladder problems later. It is important to know they are there, which is why we screen for them annually by abdominal ultrasound. This way, if you develop any symptoms later we can have a higher index of suspicion for the problem being your gall bladder.

    Common symptoms of problems in this area for someone with SCI (depending on level of injury and severity of the problem) include nausea/vomiting, AD, right upper quadrant abdominal pain, right shoulder pain (referred pain), and if severe, fever. The symptoms usually are worse right after a meal that includes a lot of fat (such as a burger and fries).


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    Thanks for the clarification. Your explanation are more easier to understand than wikipedia.

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