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Thread: Handicapped?

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    I have a question that I have been pondering for some time now and decided to get other views ok it. I am in a wheelchair have been for over 25 years. I work full time sometimes shift work, I travel anytime i get the chance, fish freshwater and saltwater, used to hunt (stopped but not because of my chair), garden, ride atv's and many many other things. This being said I dont consider myself handicapped in any way. I consider myself as normal as anyone else. How many people here actually consider themselves handicapped???????

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    The Merriam-Webster dictionary includes "a disadvantage that makes achievement unusually difficult" in one of its definitions of the word, and in that sense, I definitely consider myself handicapped. I can still enjoy many of my favorite activities, but now only as a spectator; and participation in the things I can still do is much more difficult, requiring advance planning and unusual "workarounds." I am very grateful for everything that continues to be possible - especially nowadays, with so much equipment available and greater public awareness - but yes, MS imposes disabilities that I do think of as handicaps. Like you, I consider myself as normal as anyone else; but my ability to express myself in the ways I would prefer is impaired.
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    A Handicap is like playing golf.. you add to the score to even things out with others.

    My take is, for some reason we've received these ticks to our scorecard of life to even things up. Now I don't know what it was that had to be evened out, but I'm still working on it.
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    I know everyone has their different views about how you define "normal", but it's pretty simple. Normal- living life without any physical or mental defects from the time you are born to the time you die.

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    lol so Mr. B I like what you said but do you consider your self handicapped or not lol

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    I dont think that someone being in a chair should make them handicapped. Everyone has some sort of flaw mine is just one that can be seen. I think that if someone is in a chair and if they let being in that chair stop them from doing something that they want to do then they are handicapped in the mind. to me being handicapped has nothing to do with my chair why should it. Honestly people that are in a chair and dont go out, dont travel, or have fun make me mad. Maybe I am this way because my family and friends have never treated my like i am handicapped. i have only known one other handicapped person in my life and he didn't stop living because he used a chair. People that sit back and whine and feel sorry for themselves becuase they are handicapped get on my nerves. I also think I could be alot of other things besides in a chair for one i could be dead, i could not be able to move at all. and above all i could be stupied as hell

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    There has been much dispute about the origins of the term handicap. According to (12th July 2007) this term was a horse racing term from 1754, but has an older association with a game of chance. From this time onward handicapping a horse then came to mean putting an extra weight on the horse in a bid to even the competition by slowing the faster animal down. The gradual transference of meaning to refer to first disabled children, started to appear in about 1915 according to the (12th July 2007) reference. By the 1950’s it included conditions that resulted in physical or mental difference, this took place after the shift in the meaning of the horse racing term.

    The myth that handicap was a term referring to beggars is who went with cap in hand is obviously wrong. It predates the horse racing usage it was thought to have originated from. It is now accepted the original word handicap comes from an old English game of chance before money became popular, among the poor whereby a person would offer themselves to 2 people who would agree to hand a third person 2 objects would be placed in a cap, of a pre-supposed value only one of the objects being seen by the players. The objects in question would be exchanged on the say so of both parties.

    I personally prefer the term PUBA information is available at Wilkins D, (ND), On Labels,Viewed 13th June 2010, Nth degree in owned by wilkins, or as a shirt slogan
    But I am handicaped just not sure under which meaning I am a person who is prettty much all buggered up.

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    What level and asia rating are you? I can do all the stuff you said as a t8 asia a but I certainly consider myself handicapped.

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    Not me! IMO handicapped is a mindset and I do more now than I did as a walking person.
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