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Thread: Shoes????

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    Quote Originally Posted by vtran96 View Post
    when I go through a door, I use the tip of my shoes to push it open.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dispatchjen View Post
    My work place is very easy going....maybe since im the boss i dont know lol. i do wear dress socks when at work but not shoes because i find it harder to move my legs where i need them to be if i wear shoes either they are to heavy or the shoe comes off.

    what about using a sport shoes like something like this

    sure you will feel more confortable, i nearly always wear sport shoes.

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    Wearing shoes was always a risk management/insurance liability and a requirement at every place I have ever worked. Our policies and procedures facility wide usually prevented anyone from going without shoes or proper hosery depending on what area the employee was working. Policies and procedures even addressed piercings, colognes, hair, and grooming.

    At one of my hospitals, I had an transcription employee, who decided to walk into another room without her shoes one day and ran into our Hospital CEO. She had been warned several times previously so I had to write her up. She did the same thing the very next day and a hospital board member pointed out my shoeless employee once again so my superior gave me no other option than to fire her.

    I also almost ripped my little toe off after my foot surgery while I was recuperating and using a chair for a while. I couldn't get a shoe on my foot but if I had a shoe on...I think my stitches would have been avoided.
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    The only time I am shoeless is on the way to bed from a shower. Even then I am cautious of turning corners and doorways. And often, even that short time will leave marks on my soles. Shoes are necessary for me to both protect my feet, and most of the year keep them warm.

    Plus, I think it looks odd to be barefoot in many settings. (And I was barefoot as often as possible pre-sci). I think it would make me look more handicapped to dress different from the norm.
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    i keep shoes and socks on just looks normal

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    I always wear shoes. I hate to think the damage I could do to my feet if I did not, since they are often the first contact with doors and corners. I agree with Larry, it just looks normal. When I see someone out in public without shoes I assume they have misshapen feet and can't get a shoe on, but even then I wonder why they do not wear some of the more shoe like slippers that accomodate almost anyone's feet.

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    I never wear shoes inside, in Norway it is bad manners to keep the shoes on inside when we are visiting so like everybody else I take off my shoes. But I always wears shoes outside and if I was working it would be really odd to be without shoes. I do like everybody else even if my shoes are not dirty and I don't put them on the floor.
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    I have tried several shoes over the years - nothing will work. MY feet are just that bony and sensitive (ergo the roho footrest). I would kill just even to wear converse! My left foot is misshapen from the long-term wound on it and missing my ankle bone, but at least I kept my leg! I suspect a tendon tore even because of the shape.

    I used to love shoes .. but it's something I had to let go of or else I'll have pressure wounds immediately. I've learned to open doors with the corner of my footrest (which is larger than a standard footrest because of the roho) or lean forward to push the door open before I go through it. I had to.
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    I always have on some type of foot covering in order to protect my feet. When indoors, I wear regular slippers or ballerina slippers and when outdoors, I always wear shoes. Living in a large city (NY), I would think it unsanitary and dangerous to venture out shoeless. Plus, I LOVE shoes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dispatchjen View Post
    Everyone here seems to be trying to be normal or worried what the normal world thinks instead of being themselves.....Why not be proud of the person you are and if the world doesn't like it then they don't like it. Honestly I have always said that if given the chance to be normal i wouldn't take it.

    Damn right, screw the norm and what's widely acceptable practices in the work place, hell go pant less next, or hell why not just show up at work completely naked, it's when I'm most comfortable after all. Hell not only am I boss where I work, I own the business. I'm sure my customers won't mind me serving them their cupcakes, cookies and other baked goods while naked....

    As others have already pointed at, in most places of work shoes are required. I'm sure there are instances where the work place will make an exception, but most are probably going to need something from a Dr. explaining why that employee can't wear shoe's to work.

    I don't know about others, but the longer I do go without shoe's while sitting up the more my feet swell. If for example I was to sit at my computer all day, whether it be in my desk chair or computer chair, without shoe's on, my feet would look like swollen bullfrogs at the end of the day. However if I wear shoe's, doesn't matter what kind, the swear very little.
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