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Thread: Shoes????

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    Question Shoes????

    I am just sitting at work and i just happened to look down at my feet and the thought came to me. Who here actually wears shoes? I mean i am unable to stand much less walk so i decided a while ago to stop wasting money on shoes. however the thought has crossed my mind is it unprofessional to not wear them?????

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    I wear sneakers around home and have some dress shoes for church and business meetings. I want my feet protected in case I run into anything. I think I'd feel odd in a business situation without shoes.

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    I agree with Tom. I wear them to protect my feet in case they fall off my foot plate or something falls on them. I have also been known to go around the corner and catch my foot on the door hinge.....
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    I agree with Tom about protection. It depends on your job on whether unprofessional, but would think it to be best to wear some in most instances.
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    I am the director of a 911 center so while at work i honestly dont need foot protection. i have a harder time moving my legs with my hands when i wear shoes.

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    How about a sock that looks like a shoe?

    I walk so I wear shoes, but I love being in my chair barefoot. Have to stop doing it because I keep running over my toes with my castors when I, inevitably, start wrapping my feet around my front canes.

    Have to say, if I went into a bank/business to make a deal I would be wary of someone not wearing shoes- even if it made sense. I would just make a snap judgement- right or wrong.

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    I say wear shoes as it is professional to wear them and completes your attire. Most of the time they are protective only and not functional.

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    I love that when I buy a pair of shoes they stay looking new for years

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    I've been known to go out without shoes onco or twice. I wouldn't do it anymore, though.

    Aside from the things already mentioned (protection, perceptions), there is the cold. I don't have an SCI, but I've lost superficial sensation in my feet and part of my legs, because some minor nerve cells were damaged during various orthopedic procedures. I can feel pressure, but not light touch, and my feet have to be really cold before I become aware of it. I often know my feet are cold only because I'm shivering with my heavy knit sweater on.

    The reason I'm bringing this up is that, while you might not think temperature will be a problem, because you won't feel the difference, it is nevertheless something that you need to take into account. So that might be another reason you better stick with shoes. Your shoes should last much longer than a walking person's shoes anyway, so I don't think you're going to save very much there. As for weight, just go for really light cloth shoes (think all stars, although there are many cheaper knock-offs you can buy).

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    I wear shoes for the protection and it helps my feet stay on the footplate. Going without shoes in public just makes you look more outside the norm too.

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