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    Rio Firefly

    It's a powered handcycle-like attachment that hooks up to a manual chair- makes it into a scooter of sorts. Has anyone used one? I can't seem to find many reviews online about them.

    Was considering using it for long distances (up to ten miles one way) and wondered if anyone had tried one yet. Don't want to jump into it blind.

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    wheelchair trike attachment

    i was about to post the same question, the firefly looks cool, would love to have one to have some fun. here their site for some info.
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    We took a look and test drove one recently. Overall, it looks good as a possible scooter replacement. There are others that are faster, go further, etc., but they are very expensive (circa $5000) and more than we are looking for. If we decide to purchase I will try to come back and give a review.

    N.B. We are looking for this as a power assist option for an ultralight wheelchair. We want to trade in power wheelchair (Permobil Corpus 350) for a high quality manual. My partner is a stroke survivor with hemiparesis and neglect. He was able to ride it pretty well, even at a busy trade show.
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