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Thread: WTH! were they thinking?? Spinergy

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    WTH! were they thinking?? Spinergy

    I've got a set of Spinergy SPOX on my chair with long tab mount! My question is WTH were they thinking when installing the push rims? In order to change out the push rims you have to take off the tire...really! Unless there is a secret or certain way IDK about. is there?

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    That is least with all of the wheels I change the mounts of the hand rims or to tighten the hand rim I have always had to take the tire/tube/rim tape off.
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    Yup. That's normal.

    You can get riv-nut mouted handrims, which can be removed without taking off the tire, but I don't recommend it. The mountings inside the rim can cuase frequent punctures.

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    Not true with Rogue wheels! They tacked fixed mounts inside the rim instead of using nuts, so the push rings can be removed or installed from 'outside' the rim. Don't forget to put the rim tape back on! It's easiest to stretch it off and on that cut it and tape it, etc.

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    for these type of jobs, i don't take off the tire anymore, just deflate it completely, and then i am push it aside, and lift a bit the tape, so i can reach the screw with a screwdriver. screw by screw. you have to be careful (not like you don't have to be anyway), but it is faster.

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