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Thread: How many people have tried or take 4-aminopyridine?

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    Max you can phone the number below.

    Acorda Therapeutics. The studies will enrol a total of 360 patients at more than 70 of the leading spinal cord injury clinical centres in Canada and the United States. There are 13 centres located across Canada involved in the study. Individuals who are interested in finding out about participating in these studies may call 1-866-206-2322, toll-free, weekdays from 9:00 a.m. (EDT) to 7:00p.m. (EDT).

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    4-AP in the UK

    No trials in the UK it seems. If Fampridine gets approval by the FDA in the US, will I be able to get the drug sent over to England? I really want to try the commercial version (never tried the compounded one).

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    I'm a 41 year old female C4/5 complete quadriplegic. Twenty-one yrs post injury. Car accident 1982.(hit by a drunk driver)
    In '98 I participated in a 24hr. 4-ap drug study at the Long Beach,CA VA Hospital.
    Then I participated in a year long 4-ap study. I took the medication orally for a little over a year. I had a slight increase in my breathing capacity but not constant.
    I discontinued the drug after that because I didn't feel I was getting enough sufficient benefits to warrant continuing the drug.
    The only side effect that I experienced was heartburn from the capsules. The dosage I started with was 10mg a day and when I stopped taking the drug I was up to 40mg a day when I decided to stop the program.
    Now I have developed osteoperosis and a bone spur on the back of my neck and also the bone is compressing on my nerve on the left side causing me to lose function in my left arm. I don't know if any of this could be attributed to taking 4-ap!
    I'm scheduled for surgery April 26th. Doctor Gross is doing the surgery at Mission Hospital,CA. He is also going to put a metal plate in front to help stablize my neck.
    Wish me luck!!

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    I tried to get into a trial recently...I passed all the interviews until the physical...turns out I have the 'wrong' kind of spasms. Mine go out instead of up or something...Oh well...I tried!

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    good luck shorty.

    tara, it may be that you did not meet the criteria for spasticity in the trial. They are seeking people who (on the current levels of baclofen and other anti-spasticity treatments) still have some spasticity.


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    Hello, I am new in this forum, I didn't heard about 4-ap but I really anxtous to use it if it has good effect in my spinal cord.

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    Welcome to our forum. You will find much information here on 4-AP by doing a search using the terms "4-AP". You can find out more at this web site as well:

    I am not sure how easy it is to get in Iran. In the USA you can obtain it with a physician's prescription through a compounding formulary, or by participating in on-going clinical trials run by Acorda.


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    Could I get it from UK?
    because my Nero Surgeon live in London and I have realetive there.

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    Good luch Shorty!

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