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Thread: Legal Euthanasia

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    If one day euthanasia is my final option and my choice, will anyone agree or support me?

    Surely my family will not allow this to happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kimsoon84 View Post
    If one day euthanasia is my final option and my choice, will anyone agree or support me?
    I believe that decision is your right. Sadly, many don't.

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    It's better for me not to think too much about my future and live a life let it be. But sadly I can't control my brain to stop thinking of it. The result of thinking about my future is worry, hopeless, scare, uncomfortable and unsafe. Where could I find an instant way to escape?

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    I have had some close calls. accident, 2 fires and poisoning from a camp stove,(that was a really close call) as well as both fires. a out of body experience,

    I have come to know that it was not my time, and that I apparently have unfinished business here, so I will wait till my time comes. I will do my best to have a good life even if it is challenging, or bluntly, even if it sometimes sucks. If I cant paint and draw with my hands one day, I will do it with my mouth holding the brush so I will have something I like to do as long as I can.

    for now I learn my musical instruments, and try to paint. Im not good but it is something to do that keeps me from being bored with life.

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    We all think of our futures

    I just am living with the cards dealt and never giving up .
    Kimsoon I painted , Drawn , worked computers from my mouth for many years

    Years back I took up reading and things I can do without stress .
    I enjoy reading your posts etc...

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