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Thread: Professor Mark Dallamore and his team have been licenced in Sri Lanka to surgically i

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Young View Post

    I disagree for two reasons.

    First, central pattern generator stimulation (either with neurotransmitters or with electrical stimulation) can markedly improve locomotor function in people. This was first reported by Richard Herman at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix, who was able to convert a person who was just a household walker (i.e. took 160 seconds to walk 10 meters) to a functional walker (can walk a kilometer or more at normal speeds) by putting a stimulator in his spinal cord to lower the threshold for activation of walking. The stimulation itself did not activate walking but it allowed the person to activate the walking movement.

    Second, many people with the Brown-Sequard syndrome (where half of the spinal cord has been damaged) recover near-normal walking with both legs, even though motor control of one leg remains impaired and pain perception on the other leg is impaired. The reason why such people can walk is because the descending axons on one side can still activate the central pattern generator, which in turn activates steppiing motions in both legs. In other words, it is very iikely that the central pattern generator is the reason why >90% of people with incomplete spinal cord injuries recover unassisted locomotion with both legs within months, even though they have perhaps 10-20% of the axons crossing the injury site.

    Regeneration takes a long time and provide relatively few axons to the distal spinal cord. For people with "complete" spinal cord injury, regenerating the spinal cord is just converting them to "incomplete". Since 90% of people with incomplete injuries recover walking, I believe that the central pattern generator is the main reason why one of the low-hanging fruits of spinal cord injury therapies will be walking, why people can walk well with relatively few axons.

    Electrical stimulation of the CPG may not only convert incomplete people who are limited household walkers into functional walkers but also accelerate recovery in people, who are "complete" and then received regenerative therapies that have converted them to incomplete. In Vienna, they have shown that the CPG can be stimulated with patch electrodes placed on the skin (without having to use epidural electrodes). Rather than having to walk patients for 6 months or even a year, it may be possible for the patient to have functional locomotion after only 3 months of locomotor training. If so, this would be very worthwhile.

    By the way, I don't know Mark Dallamore or much about what he is doing. So, my post is not meant to endorse what he is doing. I am just saying that many very good investigators are studying CPG and CPG stimulation may very well accelerate locomotor recovery even if it does not stimulate regeneration. I would not be so quick to dismiss the work.

    Dear Dr. Young
    Can you give us more information about this study in Vienna (with patch electrodes)?

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    Did this therapy cure anyone at all ?

    It doesn't seem new from what I've read, so, no success stories ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jawaid View Post
    fti can u give his email address and contact numbers as i could write him too?

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    does anyone have more info on this? i still didnt get response from Dr. Probably because i have a lumbar injury.

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