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Thread: Eek, blood!

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    Eek, blood!

    I was working out today and caused a little damage somewhere! I use a bowflex for my upper body to work out on. I use the Haulin Hooks from and when I was pulling down and towards myself to work out my haulin hook caught on my pants and got a hold of my super pubic also. I still had a hold of the weight/handle so It didn't rip it out thankfully! I have had very very little AD problems and I usually get AD even if the super pubic is moved around. Also have started bleeding since the incident today. The blood doesn't come from my stomach where the incision is for the super pubic, its coming from my urethra!?!? My urine is not bloody AT all, just the blood coming out from my urethra.

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    Sorry I don't have any experience with this kind of trauma to the supra pubic catheter (SP). Do you usually have any leakage through the urethra?
    From what I understand that you are saying, the urine that comes out of the SP into your collection device is absolutely blood in the urine expelled through the SP??? But, you do have blood coming out of the urethra. How much blood is coming out of urethra? At this point, if you don't have any autonomia and the urine from the SP is normal, I would just watch and wait.
    When is the next time you are scheduled to change the SP? Maybe, it would be a good idea to change the SP now and see what happens(???)
    Hopefully, you will get some responses that have some better insight into the problem.

    All the best,

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    Thanks GJ! I'm actually fighting a UTI so I really don't want to take out the super pubic. Wanting the UTI to subside more before I'm wanting to take out/change the foley. You had posted on that tread. It's called Klebsiella Oxytoca in care forum. I will atleast wait it out for one more day hopefully tomorrow it will be better!! NOPE absolutely NO blood in my urine, collection bag is as clear as urine can be. All through urethra -----> The amount of blood earlier today was pretty BAD! Made a wet washcloth look like it soaked in red food coloring all day! I actually did get a HUGE blood clot out about 2 hours ago. It was big enough it was the size of my urethra opening. HOPEFULLY tomorrow is better!

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