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Thread: Comments on kitchen design

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    Comments on kitchen design

    I'm planning my new kitchen at the moment - Please can I get some feedback from other quads (or paras) on the layout & design; specifically having drawers under the microwave, position of the hob & the sink area. Any input welcome!
    Phil C6
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    The pictures you attached, seem to address most of the issues when designing a wheelchair accessible kitchen. I would suggest searching this website for kitchen ideas (box in the top right corner of each page - make sure you have Care Cure Forums checked). Many people have gone through the remodeling or building new process and have posted ideas, pictures, and plans.

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    Wouldn't having the sink and stove top on the same counter be easier? So you wouldn't have to wheel hot things back and forth. If the sink and then good length of counter-top then stove top were in a line with a heat resistent countertop between there would be less chance of accidents. And the countertop between sink and stove is usually where most food prep occurs.

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    Just a couple of quick general comments, having done this before. I've found having a "U" shaped arrangement works well. I can get "inside" and reach everything by just turning this way or that. It's about 6 1/2 feet between the cabinets. Also, I have a side-opening wall oven just above lap high which makes getting in there easy. My microwave is just above it and also can be reached. My cook top is beside those so I can place hot stuff there. Be sure to plan room for your feet to "clear" the bottom of the cabinets. Drawers behind your lower cabinet doors are nice. You can pull them out to reach pots, etc.

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    kitchen design

    AO, I am having an accessible home being built as I write this message. Right now they just put the stone floor down in the kitchen today. One of the most difficult part of the kitchen was the sink. Bathroom sinks are easy.

    The Americans with Disabilities Act Access Guide, ADAAG, clearly states that the bottom of the sink should be no lower than 27” and the top of the counter top 34” giving you 7” to play with subtracting the thickness of the counter material; laminate (1.5” ), solid surface, e.g. Corian®, Meganite® or granite (1” or 3cm). If you are under mounting the sink that cuts off one inch. One requirement I wanted was a three bowl sink which was very hard to find at a depth of 6”. If you want to go by ADDAG they do make 4.5”, 5” and 5.5” deep bowl sinks which you can’t put an average pot in to wash. Elkay makes a line of single and double bowl sinks but they are a little bit on the expensive side.

    After a long search and pressure by my contractor and plumber I had to decide on a sink. I had to consider the bottom of the bowl height. Since I would be the major user of this sink this is what I decided to do. I laid a flat cutting board on my lap sitting in my TiLite® ZRA and measured from the floor to the top of the cutting board, 23”. Which gives me 4 extra inches to bring down the bowl depth to a more standard size bowl depth.

    The Kohler sink I went with is the K-3165 that the left bowl is 7.5”, center 5.5” and right 7.5” which works for me! The bowl depth of 7.5 + 1” top is 8.5”, subtracting from 34” gives you 25.5” from the floor to the bottom of the bowl which I clear by 2.5”. Large enough to wash dishes and large enough to wash vegetables. The center bowl will be used as a small bowl sink and not a garbage disposal.

    Now your thinking what about the pipes underneath the sink? Just Manufacturing makes a very short “J’ pipe that is only about 2” in height plus the trap is very short.

    Franke also makes a line of nice sinks also, web site:

    Here's a Carecare thread which may give you some ideas:

    This design may not work for every one. So you must figure out your own height from the floor to the bottom of the bowl.

    Photo credit:, 2011. Web sites: Just Manufacturing, Inc., Franke USA and
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    My design for sink area.

    Here's my design to the kitchen sink area. If front of the sink is a small picture windows which the bottom of the glass is at 40" in height; from ADAAG. Just like a bathroom mirror. There are casement on each side of the picture window. You can get cabinet fronts to cover the sink and piping plus have storage up against the wall. This would be done by the contractor or the cabinet people.

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    id love a kitchen like that.
    I didnt see the cooktop untill the last picture.

    its and attractive design.
    I have some video made by a lady who is a quad, and she has some good ideas, for storage and keeping items she uses handy if you like, I'll send you a link.

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    Additional resources

    Here are some additional resources I found to share.

    Credits:, 2011, Franke USA, 2011.

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    Hi P,
    Looks great. I just had a quick look, but I would def change 2 things. Dish washer up high (so it opens just above the knees). Secondly, it's t really, really practical to have water next to the stove so you can even fill your pots without lifting them up (and throw away boiling water easily).
    You've seen my kitchen, it's the most practical ever.
    Seems like you are doing fine :-)

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    Thanks everybody, I really appreciate the feedback. You guys have made some very good points. I think I will move the cook top/hob away from the centre island and onto the main counter as you guys suggested.

    Bieke - great idea to have the dishwasher mounted just above knee height. I'll try work that in! Your kitchen and house is way too cool, I'm going to have to visit in person to check it out, ok.

    Do you guys think it's better to have a microwave directly on a counter top (closer to your lap) or will it work as well for quads to have a drawer underneath it (a bit higher than your lap).
    Phil C6
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