Spinal Cord found to Process Information Similar to the Brain
By Medimaging International staff writers
Posted on 06 Apr 2011

A Canadian scientist’s work mapping the function and data processing of the spinal cord could help improve treatment for spinal cord injuries.

“Basic physiology books describe the spinal cord as a relay system, but it’s part of the central nervous system and processes information just like parts of the brain do,” explained Dr. Patrick Stroman, director of the Queen’s University (Kingston, Ontario, Canada) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) facility and Canada research chair in imaging physics.

Dr. Stroman’s research is directed at exactly mapping the areas above and below a spinal cord injury to determine better the precise nature of an injury and the effectiveness of subsequent treatment. When medical research has advanced to a point where clinicians are able to bridge an injury on a spinal cord, Dr. Stroman’s spinal mapping technique will be vital in accurately pinpointing the injury to be bridged.