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Thread: New to site w/ 27 y/o son that recently shattered C4

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    I have shared some links from the forum and hoping he will find the interest in joining on his own. He has lost so much control, that I have chosen to see if he will do this without my suggestion. Encouragement and choice!

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    He is an Asia I wonder if I typed my entry wrong??

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    Jim had many ingrown toenails the first few years, due to edema. He hasn't had any in the last 7-8 years. Knee high support hose in the winter (wears shorts in summer), tilting to get his feet up a little more often twice/hour and large enough shoes made a big difference, which also protect the feet with regards to doors, etc. He had both large toenails removed so that made a large difference and who needs 'em anyway! His edema is pretty nonexistent now, I raised the foot of his bed and it helped out with his circulation. My brother is type 1 diabetic so foot concerns were paramount, I strongly recommend using podiatrists for foot/nail problems since they have more experience.
    He started out with a #16 S/P tube for about 8 years and after having some sediment problems went to a #22. Sometimes crystals can indicate stone production so that might need to be checked out. Another simple thing to try (told to us by a Urologist) was to take in lemon juice everyday--so he drinks a full 12 ounces of Chrystal Light/Lemonade everyday before he gets up. The volume of fluid helps keep the blood pressure up and dizziness down and hopefully keeps stone production down, course he says it just plain tastes better!
    Have you guys considered RIC in Chicago, they are also a highly rated rehab. And closer to go check out. Sheperd is loved by some and some not so much. They would put my brother down on the matt and just let him sleep most of the day I got the impression that since he was older, and had several complications they didn't try very hard (he had a brain injury and broken arm/shoulder and bed sore from acute hospital stay also. AND there was no one of comparable injury to relate to, be competitive with during his stay. It becomes huge that HE want the recovery and/or independence. Make him do all that you can himself, make him take responsibility for his care. Everyone has differing rates of acceptance, injuries and support. Sorry, starting to sound preachy so will just wish you the best. Deb

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    My husband had his big toenails removed a few months ago. He has constant ingrown toenails that got infected.
    The podiatrist said because he is not walking and putting weight on the toes to flatter them out. Not sure if that is all the reason, but there are many here that had them removed.
    He uses the 24FR.

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    Good post EKE, you've been thru it. May he continue to prosper. It only takes one person, to make a difference. I'm sure the therapist has grown himself in many ways.

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