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Thread: Does anyone out there live by themselves?

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    Thanks again W-f-E. Will check out IKEA (which happily has a location not too far from where I live). Research field trip!

    Here they have two different, Sultan Fjordgard and Sultan Flokenes, the difference is how much memory foam they have on the top of the mattress. Looks like they call it polyeter mattresses. The Sultan Fjordgard they say are giving pressure release

    And have a good trip to IKEA, the place you find all the things you didn't know you needed
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    I have a hospital bed with rails, a trapese, and alternating pressure matress. I move myself around in bed by using the rails and trapese. Also a sheet of fake lambskin on top of the pressure matress gets rid of the icky plasticy feel, and resultant sweat. Works for me. Oh, yes, I do have PCA's. You get a good crew and they get to be like family. Mine have don so much for me over the years.
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    Thanks fo your response!

    Hey Rybread, Michael here. I completely forgot that I posted this and this afternoon I checked out all of my posts and I was surprised to see 20 or so replies. Thanks again for your feedback!

    I am currently in a nursing home in Avondale because, in a nutshell, I went through hell last year. I had flap surgery in February, I was in and out of St. Joseph's eight times for various reasons, I
    was admitted to Phoenix Baptist in October and battled a bout of pneumonia and almost passed away Due to all of that drama, I lost all of my muscle mass and couldn't transfer in and out of bed. I
    had to give up my apartment and reside in this environment. Quickly moving to this year, I haven't been in the hospital one time I feel fantastic! I have been lifting weights consistently since January.
    And due to that, my strength is at tip top shape except for my trunk. I fear that it won't get any strength because I am currently involved with physical therapy. Today was day three. I am a t2-t7
    incomplete para. My physical therapists are having me transfer in and out of bed. Day 1 and 2 I did fairly well. Today was a disaster because again, my balance is off. I have a goal to get out of here by July so I can get my own apartment. They also have me transferring to a mat, working on putting pegs into a peg board to hopefully strengthen my trunk

    Do you have any feedback you could give me that may be helpful to get the hell out of here so I can get my life back? Rybread, I am only 49 years old and I simply not a good fit here. I wouldn't really appreciated you help.

    Take care,


    Quote Originally Posted by rybread View Post
    I live alone for the most part. I have a caregiver come in the morning who helps get me fed, give me out of bed and run whatever errands I have to run inside of 3 1/2 hours, then later in the night I have someone else come in around 8 PM to get me in bed, give me fed and get a shower a few days a week. As far as turning, I do what I can to would around on my mattress and keep my head as low as possible and sleep on a low air loss mattress. During the day, if I'm up in my chair, I have someone set a half a sandwich on the door in the refrigerator before they leave, but I always eat lunch before someone goes. I keep one of those life alert necklaces on me which is really saved me a couple of times when I lost my balance and fallen over to the side or fallen straightforward. It's just a matter of getting set up for the day and night and keeping what you might need around you.

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    Hey Michael,
    I have used a soft sided waterbed for over 20 years and never had problems, the look like a regular mattress and have foam inserts on the sides of the mattress to help you transfer into it but the mattress has a 9 inch water bladder in the middle with foam insert inside the bladder. So it give you support and moves with you. It is nothing like a regular water bed that will trap you inside of it , I tried one of those in the store when I was shopping for a water bed and had to get dragged out of it , its like being trapped by a jellyfish, but I dont think they even make those anymore.
    But look online for a soft sided water bed and they are about the same price as a regular mattress..
    And here is what I use on the bed so when the bed is totally stripped I put down a washable chuck , then a full mattress cover ( the padded type that you get at any big store) then another washable chuck with a sheepskin over the top of that , then just regular sheets , but make sure that when you get sheets get a nice high quality sheet or it will feel like canvas and you can get like rug burns sliding around , but the good sheets will last years too.I have the same bed since 1985 and probaly some of the same sheets , but keep a few sets so if you get a catheter leak or accident at 2 in the morning you can strip the bed and put it back together and do laundry in the morning..
    Hope that helps a little I am a T10 total since 1980 and found that is what works for me the best. I found that the eggcrate or memory foam for me gets hot in the middle of the night. I did start with a full size eggcrate on my bed but soon took it off because of the heat.
    And what sucks is I have never had a problem in my own bed , last month I broke my femur and was in a hospital bed for 3 days and got a bedsore..So for me that combination works great..

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    Hi - my boyfriend is a T10 complete and has slowly lost use of his hands and right arm due to a cyst being removed from his C3 (or C5 - I can't recall). He has a hospital bed with an air mattress and hooks his elbows and arms into the side rails to move around as much as he can. It's difficult for him because he is a big guy and he has lost his muscle strength. Wondering if he would benefit from having a memory foam mattress topper? Do you know if he can use one with an air mattress? The mattress inflates and deflates at intervals. And it gets a lot of leaks. I think this is due to his weight and the pressure he exerts on it when trying to shift. Can you use a mattress topper with an air mattress? Or would it defeat the purpose? Any insight would be welcome. Thanks! Maria

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    Do you mean a regular air mattress or a low air loss mattress? If its a low air loss mattress then there should be nothing but a permeable paper chux under him. The low air loss mattress is made so air blows thru it and keeps the skin dry. You can probably look up the brand and find out what the manufacturer recommends
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    Thanks for the response! I will look find out who makes the mattress and contact them - great idea!!!

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    C4 on my own.

    18 years, hubby left, first three I had 24/7 care. Once I learned to self Cath, I had 12 hour care. It was my daughters and me. They went off to college in 04 & 05 and now I have an AM aide for getting me up, shower... For 3 to 5 hours. A PM person to get me in bed and tidy up. I have a tray on the bed with water, cathing items, next days pills, TV remote, gum, candies, eye drops, chap stick, tissues and phone. I have a dog leash attached to a leg of my end table and use it to help me turn to my right. I am pretty lucky, except when my 9.5 lb. Toy poodle cuddles so close that I cannot move against her might strength!
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    i have my own apartment for 6yrs but i have been independent since i was 15yrs old as far as my care goes. i roll in bed just by rocking then flinging over lol. it aint pretty but it works! some days i can just reach over and pull and i turn. but i never sleep in one position so i often turn anyways
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    C 5/6 incomplete and able to live alone. Self bath, independent with cooking, feeding and most ADL's, including driving. Light house keeping and laundry. Walk short distances outside on flat surfaces and within my home, but use a shooter @ work, or a walker or shopping cart for long distances. Have a lady clean 1-2 times per month for the deep cleaning I'm unable to handle. Do lawn work from a rider mower and family does the trimming. The two biggest thing I find is that it takes me two to three times longer to do things then what it did pre-injury and I have very poor coordination, but by allowing extra time and with the help of assistive devices, I can accomplish most task. Especially like growing and working with flowers for the patio from a low table outside.
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