My son Evan is a c4/5 quad. He was on Maryland medicade for 2 years. We received an emotion / wc , an fes bike that does his arms and legs and a evolution glider/ stander. They denied payment on all 3 peices of equipment. They wanted us to take a cheap knock off version of the wheelchair. I contacted my local delegate and went up the ladder until we were approved for the w/c that we wanted. Same thing happened with the bike and the stander. I have learned that if your insurance / state denies payment for any equipment that you need just keep calling, sending letters and e mails to you local government officials until someone will listen. They don;t like me I am sure of that. Last time I called them the woman asked is this Jean??? hahaha I guess they know my voice. The bottom line is be persistant and don;t give up. Evan is now on Medicare, the same thing happened. They took his transportation away. After several e mails and phone calls we got it back. Now I am fighting for his catheters. They sent us the lo fric self cath sticks and I refuse to use them. I sent them right back. We have been using the Hollister closed catheters. Evan has had 1 UTI in the last 2 years. Medicare will only pay for the closed system catheters after you have 2 doccumented UTIs within a 12 mo. period. That is BS, They are spending 5 bil. a day over in Libya but won;t pay for catheters that will prevent infections until you get 2 of them DUH.... At any rate I hope this information helps someone else who is going through the same bullcrap. EVANSMOM