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Thread: Wake Up Call !

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    Wake Up Call !

    Had to leave work to rush home - Bill called from his cell - he'd tipped over in his chair and he was on the floor. He uses his tip wheels because he's had a few close calls and has tipped back in his chair more than once. Trouble is he's put on a few pounds since his wound has healed - you know I've been so immersed in the "stuff" going on around here I don't even think I've made an actual anoouncement - that after a good 5 years all his wounds are finally closed ! Thank you Jesus .... but I guess I'll do a thorough once over after todays little incident !

    Can't seem to let you guard down even for a moment - but on the other hand he got out for lunch even though he was up to his knackers in mud and yes his wound is finally healed - hope springs eternal and I think I see lilacs around the bend !

    How's everyone else doing??

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    Hooray !!!!!
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    wonderful about the healing. what to do about tipping though? and dropping the extra.
    the neuro has given my cymbalta for nerve pain. he says you lose weight on it without even trying, and if you try to lose while taking it, you really lose. I dont know if that is true, or if he says that just to get people to take it though.

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    Do you think cymbalta will do that awesome. I am taking gabepentim and am thinking it is not working that well, I will ask my neuro when I see him next month.

    Since my injury I am not as active and could loose a good 10 #. Let me know if it works.

    Obie so glad hubby was nor hurt, but I bet it scared the crap out of you.
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    What wonderful news about the wounds healing, Obie - and I'm glad he got out for lunch, but not about the tipover, that must have been very scary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obieone View Post
    How's everyone else doing??

    Sweet deal, Obie, glad to hear it. I'm doing well with my present cathing to prevent UTIs, so all is good on my end. I also have some crazy CC members on Skype always making me laugh and vice-versa.

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    Oh Obie the tip over hope everything is ok with that too. I had a similar scare just the other night. We have a 8 ft. porch lift that I built a closet around to make an elevator, works great, however the other night I was folding laundry and David was heading down stairs, I hear this big loud thump and I hollar "David" and he says weakly "help" I literally jumped 7 foot down the elevator shaft. I say 7 foot because David only went down 7 foot, got tired of pushing the button, thought he was all the way down and decided to back off, the chair was on its backside and David had done a complete summersault (sp?) out of the chair and was laying facing the other direction. Scared the you know what out of me. I was afraid to move him in fear he was really hurt and he was not liking laying on the concrete basement floor. Few choice words were exchanged and then I eventually got him up and checked out. Everything was fine. Now we have this joke about he may not be able to walk but he is a hella gymnist Aww the fun this life brings.

    Glad the sores are healed too. What a relief for you both.

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    OMG, the situations this sci throws at us worst was using the van lift when a screw broke and angled the wheelchair in a way that it was all I could do was hold on to keep Joel from falling (sorta hard 3 feet in the air...) and scream for help...a man in his 80's was sitting in his car waiting on his wife and came to my rescue...He managed to use a jack and straightened the lift level and inserted a screw driver in the bolt hole...when we went to raise the lift to get the hell off of it the dang screw driver went flying...could have killed anyone in it's path...the metal part of the screw driver stayed in the bolt hole and the lift was back working...needless to say $7000 later the lift had to be replaced...
    Obie so glad to hear about the wounds healing, and Lisa, can't even imagine jumping 7 feet, is your back ok? so can Dave go forward and not back in?

    Girls, the cymbalta has not helped with my son's weight loss at all and he taken it over a year...hope it works for you guys!

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    Holy cow, MSWIFE1, talk about frightening! Glad it turned out well and no harm done.

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    Madmaddmother, what a scare that broken screw gave you - you're so right, the situations brought on by SCI are something else. Glad that fellow was there to help you out.

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