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Thread: Night madness cooking BBq

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    Quote Originally Posted by jody View Post
    you spose joe got intimidated about us planning the big summer squash? I havnt seen much of him since we decided to bash at his place.
    hopefully not, think everyone just seems to need a break lately
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    99% of the time I'll cook on a wood homemade barbq grill setup

    I love the flavor of Mesquite or hickory slow cooking makes such a difference imop
    If you control the fire then you dont burn the food .
    Some people like me prefer very well done steaks & I can eat about 1/2 a steak as I am not big on eating meats .

    I like cooking with skewers and making hawaian skews it is awesome shrimp , pineapple ,scallops ,vidalia onion , usually red peppers slices in between the seafood very thin apple slicees in between the shrimps
    it tastes awesome Corn on the cob wrapped up in tinfoil cooked over the open flame
    A few cans of chili and coleslaw on the side ...

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