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Thread: Seat dump: balance vs posture

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Madsen View Post
    My back angle? 92o. Seat angle, according to the formula you posted= 12o.

    4 inch dump divided by 18 inch seat length = .22222

    Interesting, thanks.
    What's your injury level?
    Do you stand at all?
    I'm just curious as to how tight that makes your hips sitting with 12 degrees of dump. Hip flexor muscles I think.

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    Patrick, I'm T7 complete. I can barely fit one finger between the back of my knee and the start of my cushion. What is the significance of that?
    The back of my chair is really bad, it's become so slack over the years. Getting the new J3 back will help my posture for sure.

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    sounds like your seat needs to be a little shorter and upholestry tightened up. i think patrick wanted a pic of you sitting in natural position in chair, because when you sit up and let you arms hang straight down, your middle finger should be close to the center of wheel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Madsen View Post
    My back angle? 92o. Seat angle, according to the formula you posted= 12o.

    4 inch dump divided by 18 inch seat length = .22222

    Interesting, thanks.
    We are very similar Patrick. My chair was ordered at 19.5 x 16, but I have the front caster in the bottom hole, so I measure like 19.75" fsh; I have a 16" cushion; I also have my back at 92 degrees.

    Interesting calculation NW, thanks.
    If I went with the ordered 3.5" of dump it equates to 12.6 degrees; at 3.75" it comes to 13.55 degrees.

    My previous chairs had much less dump, but I wanted to get lower into the wheels in my current chair.

    I can't imagine standing my back up straighter, but if it made me loose weight and look thinner I could open up my mind to it!
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    Hi, I m a C4 Quad, may I know the ideal dump for c4 Quad? thanks...

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    Hey TM, I'm T/6 and use a 4" dump. I think anything over that and you would have trouble getting out of the chair. For sports a person could go more but for an everyday chair for C/4 perhaps around 4".

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    You could also look into chairs with Ergo seats to fix the posture slouch problem with more dump. I run ~ 2" of dump with an ergo seat. Everyone says my posture is soooo much better. And I'm not 'trying' to sit up strait. But I can tell the difference if I'm in my chair or my regular office chair. I slouch in my office chair... So I use my wheelchair for everything now accept lounging on the couch... To me, the ergo seat option made all the difference in the world to me...

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    how do i measure my dump and back angle?
    I'm in a 19w x 18d ti aeroz
    thank you
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    Mac85 : dont you know your measurement when you order your chair?

    I'm running on 3.5" of dump. RSH 15.5" and 19" for backrest angle is 86deg, 13" in height.i'm using a mid profile roho quadtro, which leaves only 10" for my backrest.

    i have moderate trunk control.but even then i feel like i'm sitting straight despite the deep dump.dump helps me balance esp when i'm on high speed (how fast can it be, i know...).i'm a T9 para.
    walking is OVER-RATED!!!

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    I just ordered FrogLegs forks and casters. My front feels higher up now. Can that mess with my 'dump' ?

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