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Thread: Aesthetically pleasing Wheelchair ramps to the front door

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    Aesthetically pleasing Wheelchair ramps to the front door

    I realize it's all in the eye of the beholder, but have any ramps stuck out in your mind as being aesthetically pleasing, or so well designed they manage to merge with their surroundings. Looking as least municipal as possible.

    I'm going to have to construct a ramp to be able to access the front door.

    It's going to be a straight ramp, rising 1' and about 15' in length.

    I'd be happy with a couple of railway sleepers and piece of plywood nailed over the top. This is of course is not going to fly, "not aesthetically pleasing!" I was thinking of going with a temporary wooden structure and then figuring out some kind of concrete ramp, but the more I think about it the straight concrete ramp is not going to look too pleasing either and if we move it'll have to be removed if it's F'ugly. I've started thinking about using pipes/tubes with pipe fitting, then down a deck on the piping, similar to a gangway at mariner or dock.

    I'm not keen on the high hand rails... something like this wooden ramp seems better. Haven't found anything similar in tubing.

    But much less clutter to distract the eye.

    Then again, there are these two.. very similar ...both with high hand rails..
    how do you vote... I find the white painted railings seem to blend better.

    so back to metal ramps.... again... don't like the high hand rail... Also something modular so it's easy bolt together, and if necessary remove at
    some later date.

    something like this for the main structure and deck.. but damn the hand rails make it ugly.

    Back to googling ramp images..

    Share your ramps.... or share ramps you have seen that you like.

    I need some inspiration.

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    I like what they did here.

    And here.

    Not digging this one at all though.

    Another nice looking brick ramp.

    Completely not fitting my criteria, but neat idea.. wonder how practical it end up being, but actually looks like fun!
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    I live in a house that has a raised entrance too, and putting a ramp on the outside is not an option here because the house is right up against the sidewalk, and a ramp would take up most of the sidewalk space. It would be a hazard to AB pedestrians.

    So instead, I enter the house through the garage, which is ground-level. There is a ramp where the garage is connected to the rest of the house, and it's basically just a wooden plank propped up on some bricks. It's not pretty, but that doesn't matter all that much because it's inside the house, and only three people have ever seen it.

    Do you have the option of entering your house in an alternate way?

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    i love the ramps included in the steps. i've used them and it's great and feels inclusive and u dont have to worry about scary back entrances with an isolated ramp
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    Our ramp is in the garage and the garage door has a remote. We put it in the garage because of weather and not to advertise to criminals that there is someone in a wheelchair living here.

    This doesn't look like what you are interested in, but if you want a good laugh go to this website and on the homepage look at the picture for "van ramps." Yup, that'll work!

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    Holy Moly Domo, that is one scary looking ramp. I think a person would need a come-a-long to pull one's self up it.

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    Fortunately I have only had to ramp one 8" step, so I have a metal ramp without hand rails. Here are some additional nice looking ramps.

    A switchback with plants between can look nice if you have the space and the money to invest in something like that. I have seen several custom designed ones like this.


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    Isn't wood a little dangerous? In my opinion the wood is getting slippery when it is raining and with snow upon. I need one in my summer house and we are thinking and thinking because metal in the forest is not a possibility.
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    This is my parents house in Auburn Wa. They were redoing the whole front and wanted to have the ramp built in but not be the only thing you see. I love it! It is so easy to use when I come to visit and I think it looks great.

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    BJH--that is truely beautiful...and say a lot about how wonderful your parents build such a lovely welcome.
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