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Thread: Aesthetically pleasing Wheelchair ramps to the front door

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    Talking Help me out here?

    Quote Originally Posted by Domosoyo View Post
    This doesn't look like what you are interested in, but if you want a good laugh go to this website and on the homepage look at the picture for "van ramps." Yup, that'll work!
    Just took a look at the roll-a-ramp site and am not sure what its problem might be. Help me out...I'm new here! Would it just not work for van access or is there something fundamentally wrong...looks kind of right for garage use for me. (?)


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    My husband matched our front deck wood to make a nice looking ramp...

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    Sorry my pic is so big. I don't see an edit option. Here's 2 more pics at smaller size.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darlagee22 View Post
    Sorry my pic is so big. I don't see an edit option. Here's 2 more pics at smaller size.
    Beautiful--what is the elevation change?
    I don't have an SCI--I have generalized weakness (PPMS) with POTS and gait problems.

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    It's about 26-30 inches higher

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