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Thread: Need all advice for recovery of paraplegia

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    Need all advice for recovery of paraplegia

    After a moto accident I am paraplegic and I am not able to care for myself. I have to depend on my wife. Everything is getting worse. I feel hopeless and depressed. I need all advice to help me recover.
    I haven't got treatment recently because I can't afford to pay fee treatment. Therefore please tell me how I can recover at home. Thank you so much.

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    Welcome to CareCure. It would help if you could tell us where you are located (country? State/city?), how old you are, and what insurance if any you have. Did you get any inpatient acute rehabilitation? What is your actual level of spinal cord injury?


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    If you are a para, you should be able to take care of yourself, and if you expect your wife to do everything, it will put a huge stress on your marriage. There are a number of videos on YouTube showing how paras do any number of things. none of them will come easy, but in time you can be completely independent.

    Ask for as much help as you need here in the forums, and we will try to help. I was told in rehab that in time things would get easier, and though I doubted it, they were right.

    Decide every mornng that it is going to be a good day - it really helps.
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    I am 31 years old. My actual level of spinal cord injury is L2-S1 spinal injury
    I don't have health insurance. Before I had got paraplegia, I am unemployed for a long time. Poor me. I do everything to earn livelihood, but I am sorry because I can't tell you
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    Thank you, Donne. I have started practice. I will try my best. when I've read other members I found that I have to be change. Their circumstances are more serious than mine, but they overcame. Why I am not!

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    It would really help if you would tell us what country you are living in, and what region, state, or city. It is impossible to guide you to resources without this information.


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    Dear KLD,
    Now I am living Philipine. Could you give me any guides please?

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    Here is a link to some organizations in the Philipines which may be able to help you. You need appropriate rehabilitation and training in both mobility skills and self care skills, as well as education for prevention of problems such as pressure ulcers, constipation, bowel incontinence, sexual functioning, and urinary management.


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    Thank you so much KLD!
    I will try my best.

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