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Thread: DREZ procedure

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    Dr. theabeaud


    Can you let us know who Dr. theabeaud is ?
    What's his e-mail address and what do you know about him ?
    Why did you dicide to do DREZ by him ?


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    I had DREZ surgery twice in 2003. Once in April and again in August. Both of them performed by Dr. Falci at Craig Hospital. I'm a T10 complete para with severe burning pain in buttocks and thighs. I was 3 years post injury at the time of the surgeries. Neither one worked. The pain now is the same as pre 2003. I lost about 2 dermatomal levels of sensation as a result of the DREZ surgeries. I didn't lose any motor function. It's certainly worth a try if you qualify as a candidate. My understanding is that when it works, it really works. Dr. Falci claims an 86% success rate. Why it works for some and not for others is still a bit of a mystery. One theory is that in some cases the pain "image" becomes imprinted at the thalamic level and, when this occurs, the DREZ surgery has no effect on the pain level. Perhaps that is why it didn't work for me.

    For me, one beneficial byproduct of the DREZ surgery was that it completely eliminated all spasticity. I had a fair amount of spasticity going into the surgery and when I came out my legs were really "dead". It makes life easier.

    George Hunt

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    DREZ procedure

    Dear George,

    From what you tell I can not understand if your condition was improving following the DREZ procedure, if so, what were the improvements? and what was your condition prior to the operations?

    If not - what are the bad outcomes?

    Could you send me the surgeon's email, please.
    Would you recommend him after all?

    Can you recommend on any other expert physicians in this field ?

    Do you know of any risks from DREZ procedure such as becomming paralyzed ?

    I would appreciate having any information that you might have regarding DREZ procedure, including we sites.


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    I had the DREZ surgeries to reduce or eliminate my SCI pain. It didn't work. My pain levels are the same now as they were before the DREZ.

    It is my understanding that most people don't lose any motor function as a result of the DREZ surgery. There is always a chance, though. You will lose some sensation. How much I don't know.

    Google Craig Hospital, Scott Falci, and DREZ surgery. There's plenty of information on the web. Dr. Falci's email doesn't seem to be available but his nurse's is. It's on the Craig Hospital website. Email her with your questions. She will tell you the risks and rewards and whether or not you are a candidate.

    Good Luck,


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    Ask questions... Many many questions

    ASK if there is any chance of it making your pain Worse~

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    I had a DREZ by Dr Delotbiniere. The good news is that severe pain and spasms were completely gone. Even better news is that I did not loose tone. The only bad news is that the pain and spams came back after 10 years. But they are still much better than they used to be.

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