Hi all. I don't usually have substantial problem with pain. Some neuropathic pains in my groin, upper legs, and lower abdomen sometimes, excrutiatingly sever but generally short lived (a minute or so at most per pain spasm) and i have managed to isolate triggers and situations that seem to cause those and have gotten pretty good at preventing them and dealing with them quickly when they happen.
But this is in the bone. where my spine broke at t12-11. there were rods in there for 3 years but one of the screws came loose and i had all the hardware removed 2 years ago. since then i've built my body up tremendously and regained more or less complete strength in my spinus erectors. but i still get these spells of absolutely debilitating pain in the bone there sometimes for no particular reason at all. this one has lasted for an entire week now, the longest yet. i have tried massive doses of ibuprofen and yesterday picked up some tramadol. not doing any good.
does anyone have experience with some sort of arthritis or something developing around their injury site? what are you guys doing to deal with this sort of pain? is a VERY GOOD chiropractor an option for people like us?
Thanks for your input, this is really making it impossible for me to get any work done and threatens to see me hungry and in agony if i can't pull it together