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Thread: How many meals a day do you eat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by brucec View Post
    I usually eat once after work, about 4pm, drink pepsi's all day, guess that keeps me going til i eat, usually fast food, hamburger, fries, hot dogs, pizza, etc. no not healthy stuff
    every day you eat that crap Brucie? I eat crap too but not every day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GL View Post
    I eat27,000 Calories at breakfast that is 30 sunnyside up eggs , 3 1/2 lb hersheys bars , a small container of lard for spread on my bread slices Being I only eat 1/2 loaf at breakfast
    5 glasses of milk and then of course my 2 bags of ruffles potato chips

    Lunch comes I have 1 pound of ice cream
    Dinner I only eat the fatty parts of briscuits and fried chicken skin side plate usually a bag of pork rinds etc...

    Uggg what a horrible diet that would be
    Just Joking

    I actually eat like minimal and have a small appetite

    Shouldn't you be deep frying those hershey bars

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    Quote Originally Posted by wtf View Post
    every day you eat that crap Brucie? I eat crap too but not every day.
    about once a month i'll try to eat something good, but usually upsets my stomach, so i stick with junk food, funny, doctors said eating like that and smoking i would be dead by thirty, i'm fifty now and healthier than most all my ab friends, guess it just comes down to how active you are
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    I never used to eat breakfast but was told I'd lose weight better if body didn't think it was starving.. so just have bowl of cereal, Or a banana or 2 slices weightwatchers bread.

    If I have bread for breakfast I won't have it for lunch so had small bowl of salad or soup. If had cereal or fruit for breakfast I will have sandwich at lunch time.

    dinner is usually meat/fish with small portion of carb and some veg.

    I try and eat healthy most of the month but get choc cravings with my monthlies (female hormones.. can't help it.. lol!) drives me nuts if I don't have a little bit of choc to satisfy my cravings. I crave brandy and coke more too at that time of month so treat myself to a few for a couple of days till cravings go off.

    I try and plan lower calorie meals though to compensate so the additional choc doesn't put me over 2,000 calories a day. or the choc/brandy & coke replaces one meal. I try not to go over 500 calories in a main meal. I haven't had any takeaways or pizza etc for a few years, but make my own healthier versions if I'm craving a curry or pizza!

    Mostly I drink tea or flavoured (still) waters.

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    Oh man you guys are good!
    Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.

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    I usually have a bowl of cereal most mornings with 3-5 different cereals mixed in (raisin bran, all bran, Granola, and or Special K with strawberries) My wife adds in a couple tablespoons of freshly ground flax seed.
    For lunch I usually just have an apple or some fruit with cheese and maybe a handful of mixed nuts. Sometimes i will just have popcorn for lunch!
    Supper can be pretty much anything made up from scratch. My wife is the best cook on the planet and she makes some amazing homemade pies. Tonight we are having BBQ moose steaks, with my homemade famous Caesar salad recipe from scratch (LOTS of garlic) and steamed asparagus. We always have fresh veggies on the table every single night as well (Red, Yellow and or Orange Peppers, cucumbers, carrots, broccoli and the very odd time cauliflower. Wife makes a dip for my boys to use so they eat more veggies, i like them as is.
    I just try to control my portions its tough to say no to deserts. We are having my wife's famous banana cream pie (Oreo crust, with custard, banana's, whip creme and shaved white chocolate on top mmmm). Had strawberry Rhubarb pie few days back, she uses very low sugar, low fat in all recipes.
    So we try to keep things healthy, summer time we eat a lot out of our large garden, and she can's some things like pickeled beats, Dill Pickles, canned green and yellow beans, Stewed tomatoes onion and garlic (she uses for any red sauce like chili, spaghetti Sauce ect).
    Sure makes life easier with a good cook and eating healthy, otherwise I know i wouldn't be motivated to eat that healthy.
    I try not to snack much and I never eat after 8pm.
    Deserts are my downfall!


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    Lately usually 2 small meals a day

    Mornings a bagel with creamcheeze or a egg 32 oz of bottled water with my morning meds
    Most 99% time no lunch only water or maybe in a crunch a yoplait or activia

    Many of times I like 1 egg roll , little rice, shrimp with carrotts @ dinner then take my night meds with 32 oz of bottled water

    I usually like cooking oriental it is my fav food . I miss cooking with my mother we used to be so much fun .I'll call her tomorrow

    Sincerely ; GL

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    I eat two meals a day and think that in the future I will have a health problem with it

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    I eat the normal three ones per day with (healthy) snacks in between.

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    I usually get by on a bowl of cereal and a carvery :-D

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