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Thread: How many meals a day do you eat?

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    1-2 times a day, sometimes none for a day or two.
    usually get full fast.

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    5...snack is 6 th time,but not meal
    breakfast 9 am- oatmeal,banana,and blueberries or strawberries,water

    lunch noon- grilled chicken breast, or can white tuna in water, brown rice, or 1/2 yam, asparagus or brocoli, baby carrots,small whole wheat pita,water

    pre workout-3-4pm - peanutbutter/jelly sandwich on whole wheat

    post workout 4-5pm- hard boiled egg or 1/2 chicken breast, handful of veggies(asparagus brocoli carrots)

    dinner 8pm - 3 nights grilled chicken breast, 1 night-fish(salmon/tilapia), 1 night- a lean steak, 1 night-whole wheat pasta...sides - brown rice,yam,asparagus,brocoli,green beans,small whole wheat pita,water

    snack 10pm- oatmeal squares (a cereal made from oats) very healthy
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    Ryan's typical day looks like this:

    Brunch (1 hour after waking up-not an early riser): either oatmeal w/blueberries, craisins, cinnamon, nutmeg and agave or egg burrito with two eggs, sharp cheddar, salsa, on whole grain tortilla.

    Afternoon-after therapy-: Organic yogurt with fruit or apple or carrots

    Dinner: Whatever I make. Includes Lean protein (lots of chicken or ground turkey in my house) whole grains and at least 2 veggies (1 may be tossed salad). Everything from scratch-no processed food.

    Snack: Leftovers or yogurt smoothie with banana & berries.


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    Three big and two smalls. I try at least.

    Today I did eat two slice of rye bread with clove cheese for breakfast, 2 tomatoes for a small meal, dinner roast pork, sauerkraut and vegetables, coffee with one rye bread again as a small meal, and now I have plans to eat the evening food, rye bread with mackerel in tomato sauce on.

    I know it is too little food, but I want to loose but it is impossible. I eat the rye bread now because I got if from Finland two days ago and it is getting old but we use to eat at least two meals a day with some kind of sandwich and only one hot meal. And something small between as you call snack and we call middle meal.
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    After my small Breakfast I still kinda feel a little bloated

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    I've recently started juicing again. I usually use carrots, tomato, celery, spinach, apple and cucumber. The apple makes it sweet and yummy. It also helps me get the healing nutrients that I need. Anyone else juice or have some good juicing recipes?
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    I usually start with a run to Duncan Donuts and get a Iced tes ( no sugar ) and a plain toasted bagle with butta,, then I dont know from there it is concidering if I get hungary or not , If I am out I might grab a bite with friends but if hanging around the house then I might not eat all day then might find a snack at night..I uaes to eat when bored so I was around 250 LBs but over the last year or so with all of the trouble with my personal life and all that crap I just dont have much of an apitite anymore. I might not eat anything but the bagel and tea for a day or so , I know that is not the right thing to do but I have become an oportunistice eater , if I am hungrey and it is around I eat , if not I dont..
    Not sure if that is part of a little depression going on with my breakup or also people that I have not seen in a while saying I look better since I have lost weight and I have been overweight for years and now getting to a resonable weight now I dont want to gain weight now.. I do try to get protein when possoble as well when snacking , not just a bag of chips but will get jerky or protien bars , I know the jerky is full of salt but I drink a lot of water to help flush a lot of that out..

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    At one time I was eating twice, at times three meals but I think out of boredom lately I just been eating. Morning coffee with a half pack of crackers and in a 1hr cereal or 5 sticks of french toast. Dinner 10 bit size pizza pockets with a pie afterwards. Now at nite time I eat a sandwich with junk food. I think is a little of boredom and depression. Im not comfortable living under others roof and it makes me feel depress. Just dont have nothing in common but brotherly love. I feel he just housing me and he carry a ego and its like im not notice and if so, I feel more like a parrot. It sucks cause nobody comes here with EGOLISTIC is so wrap up in his life, that he cant see through one with the thick walls he has in front of him. I have no support group or friends that comes through. I go out around the nieghborhood and its ghettoed with beggers, drug addicts and I get to see people I have not seen in yrs. Thats my life and Im so waiting to get in a wheelchair access apt but its taking so long and I cant work on my goals without it. I live in the top 4 poorest crime infested city in this country. So imagine lndependent living center lol sad! Lazy! I been working on it solo writing congressman etc until im house. Life is lonely and I wish there was people my age close by with good will to get along with but until then I will keep my hopes up and keep my mind positive til the shackles are off.
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    A great way to figure your calorie intake is to have your doctor place you on a Body Index machine and calculate your resting energy expenditure . This will then tell you how many calories you are burning sitting in the chair at rest. Once you know the magic number , split the calories up throughout the day. You can then add/decrease is you are active or want to loose some weight. It has helped me manage my weight over the past four years since my injury.

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    I usually eat once after work, about 4pm, drink pepsi's all day, guess that keeps me going til i eat, usually fast food, hamburger, fries, hot dogs, pizza, etc. no not healthy stuff
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