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Thread: How many meals a day do you eat?

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    How many meals a day do you eat?

    I roughly have two meals a day, with five tortillas. Its hard to hold back on my moms cooking. Just wondering how many meals a day do you have?

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    tortillas are good but 5 are too many. I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner but these are small meals. And I snack in between whatever - peanuts, popcorn, candy, apples etc.....

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    I eat around 2000 calories a day with all snacks, protein supplements and meals. Usually 1-2 full meals a day.

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    I usually skip breakfast. Yeah, yeah, I know, breakfast is the most important meal, blah blah. The truth is, in the morning my stomach needs time to wake up. I fail to see how anyone can get out of bed and start eating twenty minutes later. I eat a snack (usually a piece of fruit or a bowl of soup) at around 10 AM, and then a hot meal at noon.

    I eat more fruit throughout the afternoon, as the mood or the hunger strike me. Occasionally, maybe twice a week, I'll grab for some chips or a piece of chocolate. Sometimes, I'll eat a cheese sandwich in the evening.

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    Protein skake for breakfast
    Sandwich or salad for lunch
    Yogurt or fruit for snack
    Fish, chicken, or lean beef for dinner with veggie
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    Fruit or oatmeal for breakfast, I also can not eat right away in morning

    Any kind of salad for lunch,(taco salad one of favorites).or homemade soup.

    Trying not to eat so much meat so cutting down on my proportion no bigger than the palm of my hand. Prefer to cook on outside grill it just tastes better. Love to put asparagus on grill also.

    Cutting to the chase (sorry) that usually makes 3.
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    i eat 2 meals. lunch about 1 then have to lay down for about 2 hours due to back pain then i will eat a little snack 7 or 8 then eat something before bed.
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    I usually only eat 2 meals as well. Altho I worry about not getting enough protein, so I will try to snack on something with protein during the day.
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    3 meals

    For me breakfast is a must. Usually sausage/bacon, egg and whole grain toast. Occasionally I have oatmeal with raisins or other dried fruit when the weather is cold.

    Lunch is light. Something like a hotdog, sandwich, or one of those la menue-type microwave meals. When it is cold, I often have a bowl of soup.

    Mid-afternoon fruit snack. Whatever looked good at the supemarket.

    Dinner is usually a meat or fish, veggie, and carbohydrate such as potatoes, rice or noodles. Always a small mixed salad. About 4 oz. of red wine. Deserts only on holidays and sparingly then.

    Evening snack is usually a chocolate (dark).

    I average about 2000 calories a day using portion control. Usually I fix my own breakfast and lunch, and my wife and I take turns preparing dinner.
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    I eat27,000 Calories at breakfast that is 30 sunnyside up eggs , 3 1/2 lb hersheys bars , a small container of lard for spread on my bread slices Being I only eat 1/2 loaf at breakfast
    5 glasses of milk and then of course my 2 bags of ruffles potato chips

    Lunch comes I have 1 pound of ice cream
    Dinner I only eat the fatty parts of briscuits and fried chicken skin side plate usually a bag of pork rinds etc...

    Uggg what a horrible diet that would be
    Just Joking

    I actually eat like minimal and have a small appetite

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