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Thread: Favorite Breakfast Cereal

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    McCanns Irish oatmeal - maple and brown sugar flavor.
    Raisin Bran (Shop Rite brand)
    Mini Spooners ( a generic frosted mini wheat).

    re. Cap'n Crunch - that cereal plays a supporting role in Neal Stephenson's 'Encryptonomicon".
    Main character (super computer wiz) - lives on them.

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    Cranberry Almond Crunch
    Oats and Honey Granola
    Grape Nuts (the crack-your-teeth nuts, not the flakes)

    When I was a kid - Quisp (may have been a regional thing)
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    Raisin Bran or Strawberry Special K topped off with All Bran and Quaker Harvest Crunch (original). Add 2 table spoons full of freshly ground flax seed.
    I have this 4-5 mornings a week as its my favorite. The other days i jump off the wagon and have some toasted rye bread (preferably crusts) with fresh farm honey mmmmmmmmm.


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    i switched from raisin bran to that doesn't taste like cardboard cereal. i don't know the name. tv comercails on constently. i eat the 53 gram. it comes in numbers.
    other than that i'd rather be eating captain crunch peanut better. great stuff.
    also, oatmeal isn my favorite. the real stuff.
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    Raisin Bran, raisin and spice instant oatmeal, oatmeal with brown sugar and raisins, and farina with brown sugar are my most likely breakfast choices. I'll occasionally have Frosted Mini-Wheats, Product 19, Special K, or Rice Krispies with fruit.

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    ^^Reminded me of this

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