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Thread: Photos: Icon prototype. Feedback requested.

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    Photos: Icon prototype. Feedback requested.

    Some of you know that I'm helping Icon with a few things. They've released an extremely brief video that shows a 360-degree rotation of the prototype:

    This is the design that will go through final design review before Icon begins to manufacture, so we'd like comments from this crowd. Icon is on track to be delivering chairs in early September. It's safe to assume that Jeff will chime in here as time permits.

    It may be beneficial to view it full-screen & hit play/pause quickly. I've also attached screen captures below.

    If you haven't signed up on the email list, visit to do so.


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    Very nice to see more.

    He who hears not me but the Logos will say: All is one.

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    That side view is one sexy beast. Sexy, sexy beast.

    Love the sideguards, warming up to the rear 'U canes' (wish they had a plug in them to keep me from removing layers of elbow- something like on the ends of bike handlebars?). How much adjustment room is there in the footrest? (thinking about Summer flipflops vs my Winter boots)

    Something about the central column strikes me a bit clinical- but I think that's just a design preference. I would darken it a bit to have the wheels/footrest pop more. What's the reason for the large dollop-like marks on the central column? ETA- Just asked my Husband and he asked if it was a swivel or suspension mount.

    Very, very excited about this chair. My bank account is running screaming after this past month- but hopefully I can coax it back before September. (If anyone knows a price please let me know, I can't seem to find one)

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    There's height adjustment for the seat built into the design & integration of the center column, and an air shock is housed inside of it. More details about that stuff will come later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by -scott- View Post
    There's height adjustment for the seat built into the design & integration of the center column, and an air shock is housed inside of it. More details about that stuff will come later.
    No F*#$*@'n way!

    I need a rope, two twinkies and a large horse. I have to go capture my bank account in preparation for September.

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    How wide is the seat base set to in the pictures?

    Is it like the Marvel where the caster width is set and un-adjustable?
    I for one would like to be able to adjust the width of the front casters
    so they'll track in line with the rear wheels no matter the width of seat

    If it is like the marvel if you set the seat base to the widest setting then the casters are still in exactly the same place. Which for the less graceful 18" wide of us leaves the front very unstable when you're doing transfers as the casters are tracking pretty narrow. I ended up re welding the front end of my marvel so the front casters track in-line with the rear wheels, when the rear wheels and seat are set at the widest 18" setting. This also solved the ankle rubbing problem for those of us with size 10 feet.

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    I like the back. Allows for a choice of size and design.

    Will they have an arm rest option?

    How about legs splaying in this?

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    I'm on the road and struggling with a spotty internet connection - sorry if this is a little choppy, but I'll try to answer all the questions/comments.

    Thanks to -scott- for posting the vimeo video for us.

    Arm rests, anti-tippers, brakes, push-handles - all the usual add ons will be available.

    Clearance and leg splaying - we ran a bunch of engineering studies - here are a couple of CAD screen caps:

    Seat Height = 16.3 inch off the ground
    Wheel size = Tire 559 – 25 inch

    Foot Rest = 2.4inch off the ground
    5ft 7 Manikin sitting 1.5inch off the seat

    Legs open:

    Attachment 39742

    Legs closed:

    Attachment 39741

    The model is a 5'7" man at exactly average weight using US auto industry data standards. We've also run a bunch of studies with taller and bigger folks, and have done a real-life test using a friend of ours with size 14 feet, wearing work boots.

    You can see the wing comes out higher in the CAD model than in the prototype - this is to specifically address the splaying issue, and to provide an intermediary grab point for floor to chair transfers.

    The castor width is adjustable - you can see in the photos that the castor housing clamps onto the front wing - it will have a secondary to prevent it from spinning or moving if it sees an impact (i.e. it will stay where it's put and not move).

    I think the seat is at 16" in the pictures.

    The U shape back is to allow for aftermarket backs (as you can see in the screen caps that scott put up, we're working closely with ADI to make sure that we're compatible with the cream of the crop of backs), and to allow for upholstery backs on our base model and for those who prefer upholstery to solid.

    The back will have plugs in it also (some of the "fit and finish" parts got left out of the prototype, but we know that they're critical in the production models).

    Thanks for the kind words about how pretty the prototype is....and's just the prototype....

    @blue ring - congrats on the not smoking thing....keep it up.

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    what will be the lowest rear seat to floor height available with the icon? will it be available with 14 1/2 RSTF and 17 FSTF?

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    I've bugged these guys about low rear STF heights on the Icon, as the Marvel didn't get quite low enough without ramming the shock into the frame.

    From everything I've heard/seen, it'll hit those specs easily. The frame has some trick design characteristics.

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