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Thread: Is Cannabis safer then Baclofen

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    thank you

    Quote Originally Posted by flicka View Post
    The drawback to pill form is finding the proper dose. I honestly think you would do better experimenting with edibles. The effect of eating it is mellow & lasts much longer than smoking does.

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    that's not true in my case, i take when needed, i hadnt had to take baclofen in 15 years,then my spasm suddeenly went psycotic

    Quote Originally Posted by chick View Post
    Baclofen is probably the safest, most effective drug for most. For it to be effective, it needs to be in your system. Missed doses or erratic/inconsistent use can make spasms worse. If you take 40mg in the morning, for example, then skip the rest of the day or not take anything until evening, you will likely experience a rebound effect, with spasms much greater than what you had even previous to taking the med.

    Professirx, are you taking the baclofen as prescribed and directed by your doc? or, have you been inconsistent at all with how and when you take it?

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    lol, true true

    Quote Originally Posted by Sh1wn View Post
    Cannabis for sure, stops the spasms, stops the nerve pain, makes you eat and you might even smile. I sure am glad I live in a medical state, if anybody in oregon would like to try some or needs help getting a card let me know. Its about time to get some babys going for this year

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    Oh and also I have known people that have tried the marinol (pill form) and no one liked it , it was like they did not get the same effect from the marinol than a regular joint. And EXPENSIVE as hell..
    But next month when I get a little extra money I am getting a vaporizer and give that a try and can report back on that usage if you need it but I think someone else on the forum has mentioned a vaporiser before.
    But a few of the documentary shows out there have post a very reasonable account as to why some of the so called abuse numbers are high with pot smokers , one thing to think about is the states that do not have med marijuana laws give you the chance to take a coarse to keep it off your licence so everyone takes them so they get listed as HABITUAL and DUI pot users.
    But I will see if I can find the documentaries that acctually show both sides of the story.

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    thank you gee, please post links to the things you said

    Quote Originally Posted by garyv View Post
    Weird I found this post , last week when speaking to a pa checking me into the hospital and get vitals and meds iformation , he asked if I had ever tried pot for some of the meds I am taking, hydrocodone for arthoritis in shoulders and wrists and valium for spasms, I have tries a few hits of it and it does work very well in my case if I get some of the weaker pot that the person I know sells it , it sells cheaper because you dont get a monster head rush and all , I just want an easy relaxing high and I always only take one or 2 hits max of whatever it is , it is better than meds if it helps you ,in my opinion and if you use a vaporizer it even gets better because you are not burning the pot and making a smoke but get the useful product from it, then you can still use what is taken out of the vaporizer to cook with and still have smooth effects from that,, so my opinion is check out what peopl on here have said if it works for you get a vaporizer ( which can be got on amazon CHEAP now) just make sure you get one with the ceramic heater so there is no metal in the vapor, also no smoke so very little smell, and something I had no clue about was if you get one of the vaporizers that have the bag that you fill up it might last all day in that bag because it is a vapor not a smoke it stays potent not like a smoke which will in time just stick to the side of the bag and be gone but a vapor is still there just a vapor, but the type of vaporizer I have checked out is just a one hit type not the big bag type.. if interested just look on amazon or ebay for one of the single hit ones with ceramic heaters..
    sorry kinda long speach, but so far all the info out there has nothing bad to say about pot. if interested I know of a few good movies to look at to debunk a lot of the myths about pot use..

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    on the topic of weed…

    The Union: The Business behind Getting High is a good documentary that touches base on the history of marijuana to present-day. It's one of my favorites.

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    Garyv..........I also live in Florida and am a member of NORML. We need help to get medical canabis legalized. Go to facebook page for Norml to join and urge your friends.

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    Here is the name of a show that has 4 medical ussers and how it helps the movie is call IN POT WE TRUST so look that one up as well
    You might have to have comcast to see it but there are a few on netflix too..
    And if u go to nation geographic channel hit marjuana nation it has a lot of good information as to what the acctuall mediacal benifits are not the myths out there..

    make up your own minds if it helps it hlps, and what you learn is you or i dont need to get "stoned" to get relief, and really i am a one toke guy and funtion fine..but everyone is different too.
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    I am a member of NORML too already
    Mike, if you do enough research on marijuana medical benifits it is acctually really tough to find shows that other than the illegal growing and trafficking that do not really have bad side affects, it is impossible to overdose on, you do need find what is good for you, me like I have said has been just 1 or 2 hits and I am fine, I move better less pain and other meds are not needed. If they would just let me grow one or two plants a year I would be fine..I would almost totally be off of synthetic meds,,

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDuder View Post
    Can't you just find a weed connection instead of buying it on the streets?

    Finally, as for weed being addictive, it's simply not possible to get physically addicted to weed. Some people do get mentally addicted to where they'll smoke it all day long, but it's strictly a mental addiction for them because if forced to stop, even big time stoners won't suffer through physical withdrawals like people addicted to narcotic pain killers will.
    It is impossible to find weed here, we can only buy the hasjisj. I can get that easy, and I don't get addicted, never been addicted to anything except my morphin patch that are only 5 microgram so I only get grumpy if I forget to change. I have never been addicted to clonazepam either that people use to get addicted too. I am one of the lucky ones.

    But I have seen people get really crazy from smoking. Sad, but it happens, my ex is still in and out of the psyk hospital because of it, 25 years after. So strange to see that close, it was going slowly and I did not understand it for a while because I didn't think it would happen.

    I smoked when I was young before I got any children but now I am to afraid to loose my children and if I am caught I can never go to US again. You have really strict rules for being able to visit. Even for me from Norway and don't need a real visum. And the few times I have done it after, I get terrible stone, LOL, I can't do a thing.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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