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Thread: How many wheelchairs ??

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    How many wheelchairs ??

    I am new to this site so I have been reading old post as well as new ones....Before I found this forum I had been worried that I had to many chairs...but after reading I am not so sure....I see some people have everyday chairs plus other chairs...I would like to ask how many chairs does everyone have and what all are they used for????? I have a chair for everything i do.

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    Then ya have enough lol Dis. I have my everyday, a spare when the e/d breaks down, sportschair, handcycle. Plus all the dang chairs Ihaven't had a chance to give away yet.

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    I have one inside chair, one outside chair and then a power chair for the winter and the forest. Then I have three old ones because the people who should pick them up never come. That is not my fault.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    LOL after reading your post i dont think you can ever have enough. I have one that I use for work (it stays at work), one that I use at home (it stays at home), an old one for my van for when i travel, i just got a used one that was redone for my travel trailer, and im looking to get a new one to replace the one for my travel chair. What do you do with your old chairs? I seem to find a use for them....what type of chair is your everyday chair?

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    I got my first personal wheelchair less than a week ago, and even I find myself having two chairs: one for upstairs, one for everything else. The upstairs one is a rented hospital-grade model.

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    Just one because I was hoping by now I would be walking..I also have two walkers one standard and one with 4 wheels that I prectice walking with. I might have to at some point get a power chair, they are expensive and I do not have any health insurance so for now I shop where they have the power shopping carts!!
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    my old first chair, should really sell it. an old broken down powerchair, should really dispose of it. my current powerchair, soon to be replaced. my current manual chair.
    Emily, C-8 sensory incomplete mom to a 8 year old and a preschooler. TEN! years post.

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    I have my everyday chair, my offroad chair with big offroad tires for getting around in the woods and hunting, and about 7 old chairs that I rob for parts when things break. They've all come in very handy.
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    how many chairs

    I am unable to walk at all. I have been using a wheelchair for over 25 years. With my job i have very good medical insurance and also i my parents and sister and her husband would buy me whatever i needed and i am so thankful for them. My first chair was an everest and jennings and it is a great chair that is my work chair. I have had to repair a few things on it but its the best. my second chair was an XL i got it in pink and that is the one i use when i travel. My third chair is more like a recliner it reclines, and is very comfortable bright and shinny yellow that is the one i use at home because it is to big to use anywhere else. My redone chair is my first rigid chair and i love it. The guy that we deal with on all my disability equipment redid it for me for my travel trailer. All my other chairs were to wide to get around comfortably in the travel trailer so he redid me a chair and its perfect. While I am sitting here at work im looking over specs for my new travel chair. I am going to get a tilite rigid just not sure of a few things. Money is not really an issue i am just not sure what i want. If anyone lives in the alabama area the guy that we deal with on my equipment is great. He has installed handcontrols on all our vehicles, a wheelchair lift in my van and a seat to lift me in and out of my van. He will go out of his way to help you....I have a few questions if anyone is willing to help

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    Chairs are like shoes.. you should get a proper fit!

    35 years and only have a couple spares. I have an old Quickie rigid frame that is set up for an odd sport I used to do, also have another chair that is in the garage just for backup purposes.

    The problem with chairs is they are not interchangeable or easily adaptable from one regime to another, so you collect specifics.

    If we want to play tennis, get a chair.. basketball.. hockey.. what ever..
    Sadly insurance companies don't view it this way. You only get one.. every few years.
    Rick Brauer or just call me - Mr B

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