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Thread: Call me a wimp, I need gloves!

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    I've been using Hatch Para Push full thumb gloves for about six years now and I really like them. I've actually modified my gloves in those few key areas that are usually prone to wear, which makes them last a lot longer.

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    Gotta agree with the bird poop. Whether it is goose, duck or chicken. Ewe!

    My service dog likes to 'perfume' himself on the duck poop by our pond. That means automatic bath time!

    So far the only thing I have rolled through is some kind of red berry off a palm tree of some sort. Still can't get that stuff off my wheels.

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    I've used these; the half finger ones. The HA155. You can get the men's and order a small or XS. Just measure yourself.

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    Look into some bike gloves. That is what I used for a while.

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    I have gone through so many pairs of gloves since I was 9 yrs old when I began using custom gloves. Right now I wear MechPro with the fingers cut out. I have had the same 2 pairs (one with the black label and the other with the green label) for the last 5 years. You might be able to find them in Academy but I bought mine from the gift shop of the rehab center I was at for rehab after a skin flap surgery.
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