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Thread: Call me a wimp, I need gloves!

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    Call me a wimp, I need gloves!

    I am talking some well made, comfortable, stylish, well fitting gloves.

    Any suggestion of places with really nice brands?

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    illinois, and no, chicago is not anywhere near where i live
    i use deerskin mechanics gloves, they are a snug fit, breathable cloth back, and deerskin still has good grip when wet. cowhide gets slick when wet and gets stiff, where as deer skin won't. i've tried fingerless and IMO, might as well have no gloves than those. i think you said you use natural fit handrims though and i don't, sure that will make a big difference in choice.

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    You're not a wimp. Many (most?) manual chair wheelers use gloves, especially if you are gripping the tire, not just the handrim.

    I use bicycle gloves. Tight is better than loose (you don't want them slipping against your hand, causing more friction).

    Search the forums - there are lots of recommendations for gloves.

    ETA: Oh, you said "stylish"! Probably out of luck there :-).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oli View Post
    I am talking some well made, comfortable, stylish, well fitting gloves.

    Any suggestion of places with really nice brands?
    i use this, excellents, buy a few pairs for the same shipping cost.

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    I use the cheap vinyl covered gloves from the hardware or Lowes. 4.99. I get the gray colored ones. Thel last a long time and don't have any seams to cause blisters.

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    bicycle gloves are good........i also have a couple pairs of cheap (>$5) gardening gloves that you can get at home depot or lowes or whatever. nitrile coated or something, i never checked the label. i just thought 'oh cool, bright pink, i dont have bright pink gloves' - they probably have more sober colours, but i tend more towards the clashing screamers. im not entirely comfortable with the idea of matching socks. not just on me. when i see them on other people, i always feel sorry for the poor humiliated feet, force to dress in the same outfit.

    the gardening gloves are very thin and stretchy, and if you tear one, just buy another pair. but mix and match. no one wants embarrassed hands.

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    Gloves.. we don't need no stinkin' gloves..

    (though there have been times I thought about it.. )
    Rick Brauer or just call me - Mr B

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    OK, good start for sure. I have those gardening gloves. Maybe I can find some in black. All mine are in hideous colors!

    The bike gloves I have, but I finally understood why wheelchair gloves have thumbs! Ouch.

    I wish there was somewhere where I could try on gloves because I have very long thin hands. Fine with bike gloves but not so good with thumbs...

    I was wondering about golf gloves. Thin and nice looking but they won't have padding on the palm....

    Hmmm, thinking...

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    Or go to a bike/sporting goods store. I buy them tight because they will eventually stretch.

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    Golf gloves rip and wear out really really fast O.

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