Hey everyone... just joined. Found this website almost by accident, however became engrossed in reading it. Reason for joining - father has a spinal cord injury (th9 - ish) back in 1986. I was 13 going on 14 when it happened. He has since spent most of the past 25 years in and out of hospitals with other health issues. He has round the clock care and I live only a few blocks away... however, now that he's in his early 80's and health is naturally declining I end up worrying a lot more about him. He's tough as nails (my fiance and I joke around that he'll out live all of us), but getting frail... so I thought this might be a great resource for me to read up more on his health issues. Keep an eye out for information that might help... and who knows maybe get some advice if a problem should arise (or I think one may be pending...).

From all that as an intro, that's why I decided to post here in the family section.