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This is something I worry about quite a bit. My daughter was 4 when I got injured and now is almost 6. I worry about the other kids making fun of her because I am in a wheelchair, worry that I can't teach her sports like I would have if I was AB (I did play with her on a T-ball setup this weekend and it went pretty well), worry about pretty much everything. Any advice for a para parent?
T8, in reading your post you have already shown the compassion of love you feel for your daughter. Do you know how many AB Dad just show up for activities or drop there kids off and do not participate. I think the fact that you in a chair does not have to mean you can't do this with her, with a little imagination you can do alot. Get a laundry basket and teach her to throw the ball in there I did that will my little league girls and it teaches them how hard or soft they need to throw, get her a little outside childrens BB hoop and u can show her how to play and chase her around in your chair. Heck, just throwing a rubber ball to each other can be fun, and she can chase the ball for you. A loving Father speaks volumes to her and others and she will be so proud her Daddy does things with her. I think once her friends see the fun loving Dad they won't notice the wheel chair for long, when people stare at me I smile back they don't know me, but I will take the time to share if they have it. I am taking my little 3 year old grandaughter to the movies Sat to see UP it is all about her and I can bring joy to both of us.

I have 12 grandkids so if you need any more ideas just ask me. It's te joy of what you give her, the smiles, the hugs, and the time you spend with her she will remember.

You have already begun, don't let the worry get you down, you are a bright star in her future..Make every day count even reading a book is nice or hey how are you at Barbies?? LOL